Ken Green, 5-2-10, “God has thrown some big asteroids at me. And basically you have two choices: You get squished or you take them on.”

 5-time PGA Tour Winner Ken Green was traveling between Champions Tour events on June 8, 2009 when his RV blew a tire, causing a horrific accident.  He not only lost his Brother Bill, his partner-in-life Jeanne Hodgin, and his beloved German Shepherd Nip, but he suffered terrible injuries himself, including having his right leg amputated below the knee 3 days later.

He has been courageously Forging a Comeback ever since, vowing to do everything in his power to become the 1st player ever to play on the Champions Tour as an Amputee, WHICH HE DID May14-19 2010 in Birmingham, shooting 74-76-75!  Ever the giver, Ken has amassed a huge number of friends that Love & Appreciate his unselfish generosity, his goodness, his unique humor, and his honorable view of Friendship.  Two benefit ProAM’s, featuring 40+ PGA & CHAMP. Tour players each raised $100+k.  The PGA Tour established a Ken Green Trust Fund.  The PGA and CHAMPIONS Tour Players both voted to donate ½ of All 2010+2011 Wed. Pro-AM purses to Ken and hard-hit fellow Pro Chris Smith.  The GWAA presented the 2010 Ben Hogan Award to Ken on April 7th in Augusta.  Mike ‘Radar’ Reid, 4-28-10, after Legends/Savannah about his partner KG, “He inspired all of us, but I had the best seat in the house. He was not a load, believe me. I mean he was hitting a lot of good shots, great short game. I was really impressed.”

KG Playing CT-Senior Open (Shennecossett GC, Groton) July13-14 2015

33rd Connecticut Senior Open, July13-14 2015, Shennecossett Golf Course (Groton CT)
KEN GREEN: Rnd1=67(-4) T-1, Rnd2=xx
KG’s [...]

KG playing the Champions Tour Encompass Championship, North Shore CC, Chicago July10-12 2015

July10-12 2015, Champions Tour, Encompass Championship, North Shore CC, Glenview, IL, Purse=$1,900,000
Rnd1#1/July10 1:23pmCT: KEN GREEN, Jeff [...]

KG’s 7-8-15 Interview with Chicago Fox-TV’s Corey McPherrin

7-8-15: “Ken Green wants a PGA Comeback after Tragic Accident”FOX 32 News Chicago – with Corey McPherrin
as [...]

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