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KG’s Blog Post #13 – 8/21/09 8:31pm

Fairday People,
Jokeman says to me, that he heard golf was an arm & leg to play but [...]

KG’s Blog Post #12 – 8/13/09 10:43pm

The legless one signing in,
Back to back blogs – yet another miracle. 
The day went really well – [...]

KG’s Blog Post #11 – 8/13/09 12:05am

Good day,
Once again i must explain my tardiness.  It is simple – i was waiting to see [...]

KG’s Blog Post #10 – 8/7/09 1:54am

Hello Golfing World,
Yet another delay in blogging.  Although I’m not sure what is the proper protocol,  I [...]

KG’s Blog Post #9 – 8/2/09 9:24pm

Good day America,
Bummed – just typed a whole blog and laptop went nuts – now i do [...]

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