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KG’s Blog Post #24 – 11/29/09 6:16pm

So I’m a dope again,
Well look at the good news: I may have a lot to say [...]

Jaime Garamella’s Tribute to KG, “One More Shot”

Here’s the YouTube link to friend Jaime Garamella’s Tribute to Ken Green, titled “One More Shot”, which [...]

PGATour Article about the Nov.23rd Pro-AM!

Excellent article about the Nov. 23rd Friends of Ken Green Pro-Am at the Rees Jones Breakers West [...]

KG’s Blog Post #23 – 11/16/09 10:54pm

Good Day All,
Some interesting news to relay to all – this pain thing is at its worse [...]

Revealing 11-10-09 Article on KG by Mick Elliott

“Dreams Still in Sight for Ken Green”
Nov 10, 2009, by Mick Elliott, FanHouse Exclusive, Champions Tour

Video Replay of GolfCh. Series on KG

“Ken Green: His Long Road Back to Golf”
…Aired on The Golf Channel Nov-2-3-4 2009.
Golf Central’s Rich [...]

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