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KG’s Blog Post #27 – 12/13/09 11:27pm

Good Sunday to all,
Keeping with my creative idiotic poems, I will voice round 2 in such a [...]

KG’s Blog Post #26 – 12/12/09 1:48pm

Today was a shock to the brain.  I just shot 81 at the Vero Pro-am.  [...]

KG’s Blog Post #25 – 12/9/09 12:16am

Hello friends that I still have,
It’s the Xmas season so i want to give you a statement [...]

11-26-09 VIDEO: “Now on the Tee: Ken Green”

The Golf Channel, 11-26-09:
After losing his family and part of his leg in a traffic accident, Champions [...]

11-29-09 NY-TIMES Article on KG & ProAM

New NY-TIMES article about KG’s Comeback, with pictures, notes about the Nov23 Pro-Am, and quotes from Calc [...]

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