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KG’s Blog Post #121 – 8/28/11 4:30pm (Hurricane Shot Memories)

Quick blast in memory of bitchy babe Irene. I still haven”t remembered what my other thought was, [...]

KG’s Blog Post #120 – 8/27/11 1:24pm (Waiting on Irene)

Waiting on Irene to send CT & its liberal nuts to the swimming pool. Just so you [...]

KG’s Blog Post #119 – 8/11/11 7:19am (Robo, Pain, PGA)

U r about to receive my first early blog where I abandon the English punctuation.    The computer [...]

KG’s Blog Post #118 – 8/7/11 10:08pm (Commentary & My Schedule)

Real quick note to all. My head is on constant stupid with headaches all day long. Truly [...]

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