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Ken Green’s Blog #222 – 9/8/14 8:22pm (“Meaningless Yet Relevant News”)

Quick notes of meaningless yet relevant news!  My golf leg broke & went to heaven, my heart [...]

Ken Green’s Blog #221 – 8/27/14 12:16am (Ryder Capt. Picks – USA & Eur., Tiger, Glasses Update)

This is a big weekend for golf fans. The big ‘who is Watson going to pick?’  First [...]

Ken Green’s Blog #220 – 8/21/14 9:44pm (Playing in my New Designer Glasses, Bringing In New Golfers)

5 rounds with my new glasses and I must say how did I ever making a living [...]

Ken Green’s Blog #219 – 8/12/14 5:32pm (My New Designer Glasses, Rory, Tour Update: Players to Help)

Well hello again you nuts who read from the nut of nuts! I have some news to [...]

Ken Green’s Blog #218 – 8/10/14 10:10pm (PGA-Champ, Expect to Hear from Tour Today, 66 at Richter)

A sad & lonely day for the 1-legged idiot of Danbury Ct. So you ask what the [...]

Ken Green’s Blog #217– 8/7/14 11:46am (PGA Primer, Ryder, What Kids Need, WTNH VIDEO-INTERVIEW!)

I’m calmly waiting for my tee time, so I started to tuned into The Golf Channel & [...]

Ken Green’s Blog #216– 8/2/14 12:13pm (On Dustin, My Vegas Bud-Light, Shot 66 at Richter yesterday)

I would like to respond to the Dustin Johnson issue. First off, all the players pretty much [...]

Ken Green’s Blog #215– 7/30/14 3:39pm (CT-Open 71-74-74, Today’s Kids vs. Scoring, Opinions, MY FRIEND)

Ken Green’s Blog #215– 7/30/14 3:39pm (CT-Open 71-74-74, Today’s Kids vs. Scoring, Opinions, MY FRIEND)

The CT Open is done and over (71-74-74=219/T30 July28-304 Rolling Hills, Wilton ) Wow, am [...]

Ken Green’s Blog #214– 7/21/14 1:29pm (ME/TheTour, Br.Open/Rory, Sen.CTOpen/6th, Next: CT-Open July28-30)

So, I’m sure you have all been falling into a deep hole without my words of wisdom. [...]

Ken Green’s Blog #213– 6/8/14 7:02pm (Time Doesn’t Heal All Wounds – You Must Keep Moving, U.S. Senior Open Qualifying June19)

So it’s been 5 forking years to the day since my world took a spin for the [...]

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