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Latest Posts in Kens Blog:

Ken Green’s Blog #260 – 1/20/16 5:41pm (Possible Leg Trimming Coming, Putting Tip)

Ken Green’s Blog #260 – 1/20/16 5:41pm (Possible Leg Trimming Coming, Putting Tip)

So, as I freeze my cute ass off in south Florida, I’ve come to the conclusion that [...]

Ken Green’s Blog #259 – 12/30/15 5:10pm (’16 Majors Predictions, Tiger, I’m Staying Stubborn!)

Most of you have had difficulty in sleeping while waiting for these words of wisdom. I say [...]

Ken Green’s Blog #258 – 12/24/15 11:20pm (Athletes & Teams of The Year)

Santa came flying over the house & decided to stop over & chat with Munch & yours [...]

Ken Green’s Blog #257 – 12/1/15 (Ryder Cup Thoughts, My Successful Roof Drop & Roll)

Weird points of pointless points. The brainiacs that decided to give no meaning for the Ryder Cup [...]

Ken Green’s Blog #256 – 11/17/15 7:45pm (The Birth of Stadium Golf – The Rest of The Story)

Ken Green proven Mr. Gullible once again. I just played in the Jupiter Hospital pro-am and played [...]

Ken Green’s Blog #255 – 11/11/15 10:50pm (Played Good in Myrtle Beach Match Play, New Driver, Munch)

New view from the stump-o-meter. All I can say is the big guy is tricky dude. I’m [...]

Ken Green’s Blog #254 – 11/4/15 3:52pm (Steve Williams, Playing Myrtle Beach, Sleep-Walking)

Good day fellow nuts! Just quick update on a few things. First Steve Williams, as I’ve mentioned [...]

KG’s Blog Post #131 – 11/28/11 10:03pm (New NIPPER HAVEN Shirts, XMAS Special)
Hello good people. I’ve ordered [...]

KG’s Blog #203 – 3/5/14 12:05am (Dianne, New Hotshot Leg, Nip Open #67)

First, I would like to sildenafil what is it used for take this moment to pay [...]

Ken Green’s Blog #253 – 10/12/15 11:24am (Presidents Cup Finish)

A great finish on the Richter scale. What might be nice is that the average guy now [...]

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