Ken Green’s Blog #249 – 8/15/15 11:12pm (PGA Championship, Hand Taking Longer)

I basically sat on my boney ass looking at my fat gut bubbling over when it dawned [...]

Ken Green’s Blog #248 – 8/1/15 9:43pm (These Current Dudes vs. Us Old Dudes, New Leg)

Well, I’m lying here while someone has fallen asleep on my shoulder watching a movie she insisted [...]

Ken Green’s Blog #247 – 7/23/15 9:14pm (Hand Surgery Done, New Leg in Making, Top5 Presidential)

So, I’m creating a useless pointless blog simple because I’m bored out of my mind. I’m shut [...]

Ken Green’s Blog #246 – 7/15/15 4:54pm (Chicago/Hippo-in-Himalayas, CT-OPEN/Wrong-Thing-to-Leave-Home)

PART A (just after Chicago): Well, all I can say is that it truly was the most [...]

KG Playing CT-Senior Open (Shennecossett GC, Groton) July13-14 2015

33rd Connecticut Senior Open, July13-14 2015, Shennecossett Golf Course (Groton CT)
KEN GREEN: Rnd1=67(-4) T-1, Rnd2=xx
KG’s [...]

KG playing the Champions Tour Encompass Championship, North Shore CC, Chicago July10-12 2015

July10-12 2015, Champions Tour, Encompass Championship, North Shore CC, Glenview, IL, Purse=$1,900,000
Rnd1#1/July10 1:23pmCT: KEN GREEN, Jeff [...]

KG’s 7-8-15 Interview with Chicago Fox-TV’s Corey McPherrin

KG’s 7-8-15 Interview with Chicago Fox-TV’s Corey McPherrin

7-8-15: “Ken Green wants a PGA Comeback after Tragic Accident”FOX 32 News Chicago – with Corey McPherrin
as [...]

Ken Green’s Blog #245 – 7/8/15 8:17pm (In Chicago for Encompass Championship July10-12)

I’m in Chicago and fresh off the North Shore Club (July10-12, Champions Tour, Encompass Championship, North Shore [...]

Ken Green’s Blog #244 – 7/5/15 6:05pm (Playing Champs/Chicago July10-12, “Birds for $$$” for Green’s Dog Haven)

Well, seeing as I don’t play much, and who knows how I’ll play, I’ve decided to do [...]

12-pg. article on KG in 7-15-15 Health & Wellness Mag. & Link to PETITION to PGA-Tour

Incredible 12-pg. article on our Ken Green (5-time PGA Tour Winner & Member of the ’89 Ryder [...]

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