Ken Green’s Blog #229 – 2/25/15 7:04pm (My New 12yds, Ryder Captains, PGA Suggestion)

Straight off the course, where I’ve suddenly found 12 yards and happier than a porcupine in full [...]

Ken Green’s Blog #228 – 2/15/15 11:26pm (My 3 Playing/Helping-Others Options)

It’s been a very long time since I’ve said did dip. I’ve been waiting to hear from [...]

Ken Green’s Blog #227 – 1/3/15 1:05am (My 1st Round of ’15, Commentary, ’15 Losses)

My 1st round of golf this year & my first in 3 weeks was eye popping. I [...]

Ken Green’s Blog #226 – 12/23/14 6:04pm (My Speech Brought Down The House; My Putting Tip on YouTube)

My semi-professional speech debut is done & over (1200 H.S. students in CT). How did I do [...]

Ken Green’s Blog #225 – 12/10/14 11:50am (Early Xmas, Putting/Chipping Tips, CT Speech Dec23)

Let it be said that I, Ken “The One-Legged Stud” Green has been a bad boy and [...]

Ken Green’s Blog #224 – 10/31/14 5:05pm (Tweaking New Leg, New Putter Grip, Pain, Rescues)

The infamous great dark-legged Green is alive! It has been awhile, but I’ve been very busy doing [...]

Ken Green’s Blog #223 – 9/28/14 3:01pm (Ryder ’14 Recap, …and Beyond)

Ouch! They didn’t it again – the media & fans can now spit out their thoughts, so [...]

Ken Green’s Blog #222 – 9/8/14 8:22pm (“Meaningless Yet Relevant News”)

Quick notes of meaningless yet relevant news!  My golf leg broke & went to heaven, my heart [...]

Ken Green’s Blog #221 – 8/27/14 12:16am (Ryder Capt. Picks – USA & Eur., Tiger, Glasses Update)

This is a big weekend for golf fans. The big ‘who is Watson going to pick?’  First [...]

Ken Green’s Blog #220 – 8/21/14 9:44pm (Playing in my New Designer Glasses, Bringing In New Golfers)

5 rounds with my new glasses and I must say how did I ever making a living [...]

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