8-20-09 Danbury News: KG’s Progress Pics!

“After Accident, Golfer Ken Green Takes First Steps to Rebuild Life”
By Chris Elsberry, Danbury News-Times Staff writer, 8-20-09
After an accident that killed his girlfriend, brother and dog, Danbury native and pro golfer Ken Green is rebuilding his life…  At the end of the first day with his new prosthetic, Danbury native and professional golfer Ken Green felt like a new man. A man with a mission and a driving passion to succeed in that mission…”

LINK: http://www.newstimes.com/ci_13165169

2 Responses to “8-20-09 Danbury News: KG’s Progress Pics!”

  1. Bob says:

    A fan from Danbury here…Good going, Ken. Great pictures. See you at the Dick’s Sporting Goods Open in 2010!! Bob

  2. I am so happy ken is recovering comfortably.my prayers to him .
    before you know it he;ll be bak to normal in his golf swing,
    i love those that are persistent….persisence equals permamence!
    Barbara Sue levine

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