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Greens Blog #207 – 4/28/14 7:27pm (NBA, Upcoming Tournaments, esp. Senior PGA May22-25, etc.)

Having one of these insane head days so I’m lying on my couch listening to the newest NBA scandal. It’s as bad as the show scandal. I’m about to potentially make some people think of me differently and I hope they don’t but that’s up to them I suppose. What this dope said is clearly just sad and wrong. The issue I have is what everyone thinks should be done. I say nothing. Let the natural course run its own plan of “karma” so to speak. I mean the media, NBA and whoever else wants to do should just let it alone. The natural plan of getting back at him will find its way whether it’s the 10 or more advertisers or the fans that won’t show or whatever else may fall into place. The concept that he should be punished by the powers to be is just wrong in my view. Whether we like it or not he has the right to think what he wants. That’s our system that we all love. He is being punished for his personal views but he’s entitled to them period. We need to face the fact that in the good old USA we have all sort of nasty ass people. He is just one of them.  If what I heard is right it sounds like the NBA & David Stern knew about his beliefs but basically just ignored it.


It very much reminds me of the PGA Tour back in the early 90’s when Shoal Creek became a lightning bolt because of blacks & women not being allowed to be members. The famous Cypress Point in Calif. didn’t allow any and The Tour knew way before then but did nothing ‘till they had no choice. Then I think Butler and Cypress bit the bullet and maybe one or two more. When this idiot dies in a few years, there will still be racists, rapists, murders, and bad people. Let’s face it folks, there are many bad people with boat loads of cash and even some with power like the senate or congress. It’s our system. The law of repercussions will run its course but you and I both know some people get away with being bad all their lives. Sad but true.


Now for the good news and that’s far more important than the mental midget in Cali. I’ve had a little time to work on my new swing via Mr. Kostis and I’m semi- excited. The new leg does allow me to do things I couldn’t do before which is a bonus. The hard part is that I’m now trying to relearn a new swing, which as you know is hard if you’re healthy and I’m not. Trying to figure this out in a few weeks will be hard but I’ll try and will see what happens when I go to the Senior PGA Championship (May22-25, The GC at Harbor Shores, Benton Harbor, MI – Purse=$2,000,000: http://www.pga.com/seniorpga ) and then I’m hoping to get in the Iowa event the week after (May30-June1, Principal Charity Classic, Wakonda Club, Des Moines, IA, Purse=$1,750,000: http://www.pgatour.com/champions/tournaments/principal-charity-classic.html  ), so it will be a fun yet hard 2 weeks. I’m definitely in the PGA Seniors by the way, due to the fact I played on a Ryder Cup. So the biggest challenge is to time how and when I try to work this newer move into my body without giving me the ugly painful moments. Then I have to shoot some descents scores that don’t make me look like a bonehead. I have to learn to do that better and by now you would think I’d be smarter and just stop when I know I should.


I’ll keep you posted as I drive up in my newly prepared prison vehicle that will keep Munch from escaping. Were only 0-3 so far.


A fellow Tour player David Edwards just lost his girl via an accident and my heart goes out to them; it really sucks when you lose someone. Prayers for their healthy recovery in their new challenge of life.


Oh! Do you know what else is really hard to believe? Ben Crenshaw is no longer exempt on the tour. I think because he’s not averaging a certain score he gets the boot. That’s insane. If you were playing in the event and had a chance to walk around with Ben or Roger Chapman who would you choose. I know the tour has tried to balance it out between guys who are still good and those who have lost it but the fact is the average guy wants to play with Ben, not a guy who never played The Tour. Why didn’t they just go with a simple solution like maybe if you won 15 tour events your exempt for 15 years and after that you have to finish in the Top25? If you won 6 you get 6. Still, no call back from the two powers to be at the Champions Tour.


Wow, this was a skip da doodle blog, sorry.



2 Responses to “Greens Blog #207 – 4/28/14 7:27pm (NBA, Upcoming Tournaments, esp. Senior PGA May22-25, etc.)”

  1. Gene Trombley says:

    Congrats and Good Luck to you in those two events, Ken. You sure do make a lot of sense in the blogs you put out. Thanks!

  2. Brenda Roberts says:

    Enjoyed your skip da doodle, Ken!

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