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Greens Blog #208 – 5/12/14 12:30am (’88 Canadian, heading to Senior PGA May22-25)

I’m sorry to say that I’m not able to give you my usual spot on thoughts regarding the TPC championship. I’m still on a mini stupid ass streek of golf. I did see that it was an exciting finish due to a delay. It really is amazing how delays affect you. I’ll go back to the ‘88 Canadian Open. On Sunday I was on all cylinders and had a 4 shot lead after 11. I mean I was flagging it and putting well. There’s no doubt in my little head that if the storm didn’t come out of nowhere, I would’ve won by 6 or 7 shots. The delay went into Monday, but I didn’t give an owls butt ‘cause I was doing well. On Monday, I woke up and it was blowing 30 or so and the temp went from perfect to about 50. I still felt good, but knew I didn’t have control like the day before. I either made birdie or bogey all the way to 18 – 2 birds and 4 bogeys I think. I waited on the 18th fairway while I watched Scott Verplank miss his putt for bird that would’ve tied me. When he missed, I put back the 3-wood and grabbed a 9-iron and a wedge for my par and newly crowned King almost forked-up Canadian Open Champion. (’88 Canadian results: http://www.databasegolf.com/tourneys/tournament_byyear.htm?yr=1988&tid=4 KG: 70-65-68-72 = 275 -13 $135,000)

Kaymer didn’t have to wait so he still felt rock solid, but it’s definitely bizarre how things affect you.


So today I went augmentin and figured out a few things that felt really good about my golf swing. It’s been slow after seeing Peter because I can’t do much, but today it felt solid as a munch bite. The strange side effect is that my leg has been screaming tonight I assume from the fact I was doing things I hadn’t before. The body just fires up on me, but I’ll take it if I can actually hit it like a semi pro. Whether its fools stump or not, we won’t really know if I’m getting closer for a few weeks.


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I’m hitting the road tomorrow for my early arrival to Michigan [Senior PGA Championship May22-25, The GC at Harbor Shores, Benton Harbor, MI – Purse=$2,000,000: http://www.pga.com/seniorpga ]. I’m going early for 2 reasons, 1) I need to see the course and do it slowly each day so as not to get my leg to go ballistic. The 2nd is to do something I’ve never done – really map the course and specifically the greens. I have to decide actually where my flattest lies are and may even lay up even cialis vs viagra more versus twenty yards closer if its pure side hill lies. I’ve heard Jack went nuts with the green design but that to may hurt or help. The harder & trickier it plays actually helps me. Anyway, I will have the most detailed map of where & why to attack or play real safe. I might even lay up on a long par4 as to not put my 3-wood in the wrong place that would lead to bogey at best – I will have better chance of making par from 70 yards than from an impossible pitch – a strange style of golf but it might be my best option. Clearly, I’m speculating and won’t really know till I get up there and see the track first. It will feel weird being on the road alone with just Mr. Munch and myself in my mini RV, but I do believe it’s Munch proof.

4 Responses to “Greens Blog #208 – 5/12/14 12:30am (’88 Canadian, heading to Senior PGA May22-25)”

  1. Sue doceti"ex" says:

    Just go in there,relax, eat, n KICK SOME MAJOR ASS!

  2. Gene Trombley says:

    Ken, After all you have been through this will be like riding a bike. It’s where you belong and soak it all in…Also, KICK SOME ASS!!!!

  3. N.G.Simon says:

    give ‘em Hell, Green!!

  4. Brenda Roberts says:

    Rooting fer ya!!

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