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Ken Greens Blog #205 – 4/3/14 12:09am (Sir HoudiniMunch, Breakers, The Tour/0-8)

Ken Greens Blog #205 – 4/3/14 12:09am (Sir HoudiniMunch, Breakers, The Tour)


The infamous love of my world, Mr. munch has graduated to Genius of the dog world. I think I’ve mentioned before that he has managed to escape from 2 hotel rooms, and now he has pulled off the mini slam. He has found his way out of my new 24 foot mini RV/car. He first escaped out of the side door by somehow opening the handle, which is hard for me to pull. I accept the blame for not locking it. His next escape was to go out the front door, where he figured out how to unlock it and then get his paw into a very small spot and snap the door open.


Not wanting to be outsmarted by him, I brought the vehicle in to get all doors and windows a 23rd century lockdown system. Who knows. So on the way home I stopped to see a second Mom, and he has now figured out how to open the van while it was locked. He calming knocked on the restaurant door and asked where I was seated. I noticed he pulled the key out of the ignition but that shouldn’t have opened the slide door. How he figured out what

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button to hit or open that door, I will never know. The dope in me decided I would leave them in the car with some windows down and no key and this way I would shut down all electric buttons. Brilliant plans by Ken never work. He found his way out faster than I had sat back down. Sir HoudiniMunch has me working on plan F. I’m impressed but won’t tell him.


Gary Michaels and I picked off our flight in The Breakers member-guest this weekend for the first time in 3 years and then we followed it off by playing the 4-hole alternate shot shoot out in one under par. It was very impressive if I don’t say. I hit 2 of the most clutch shots, and it gave me a chill if you must know. A win is a win I say I do!


My new foot is allowing me to hit some really good irons shots, so all I have to do is figure out how to hit it a tad farther and ease my pain and I’ll be good to go. Oh ship, I need exemptions. I just got blown out of the water again on another spot. I’m now 0-8 on my last requests. The Tour surely knows I’m not getting in, and they seem to not care a hoots ass or a Ken’s leg. I’m trying to let my emotions fade before I make any foolish decisions, but I may have no choice but to forget trying to play and attempt a different way of trying to inspire or give a person a smile. I’m really against pulling a Vijay Singh and suing the Tour, because this time I would be suing for my benefit and I’m not sure that’s the right thing to do.


When I joined the Ping suit I did it because I was fighting for all golfers who were playing square grooves. What the idiotic pros who bad mouthed me and wouldn’t talk to me was that at that time the groove hurt you as much as it could help you. There was no advantage to the square grooves, period. I may have to decide if fighting the Tour is worth it for the people who maybe I can give a boost to, or am I delusional in thinking my story is worth telling.


What a world I live in I say I do. Oh, the Health & Wellness Channel ( http://www.hwchannel.com ) is still filming me to do that documentary-type story, so I will keep you posted as to when it shows cause we need at least 10 people watching it to get another show. Oh two, my new new foot will be ready by Tuesday and I’ll see if I’m even more brilliant than Munch.


Be good my friends,


2 Responses to “Ken Greens Blog #205 – 4/3/14 12:09am (Sir HoudiniMunch, Breakers, The Tour/0-8)”

  1. N.G.Simon says:

    there must be some group that could push the cause, Americans With Disabilities???? Time to start the chant, ”Let the man play! Let the man play!”

  2. Brenda Roberts says:

    I’ll be checking out the Health & Wellness Channel.

    If suing will get your story out there, so be it.

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