Ken Greens Blog #206 – 4/10/14 11:54pm (Fans Robbed of Many Greats Than No Longer Invited to The Legends)

I have waited a couple of days before I spit out my reaction to the news that myself and many other players who used to be able to play in The Legends Of Golf are no longer eligible. Let me make it perfectly clear, I’m pissed for myself, but for others too. The idea that we were not grandfathered into the list is pure lack of concern for any player who has played many years on The Tour. I would gladly kick myself off the list so others would be allowed, just so you know I’m not being a selfish pig.


I’ve told you before that most of the players care only about what’s good for them and not the game itself. The idea that some players will be eligible for The Legends who didn’t play The Tour much less win on tour is laughable. The idea that they give credit to winning a major on the Champions Tour is downright dumb. I’m happy for everyone who won a so called major but never never will anyone ever say that such & such was a great player cause he won a so called major on the Champions Tour. Roger Chapman may be a great guy, but how he is ahead of guys who have won many times on the big Tour is just dumb as can be.


The list is many, and I’m not going to go on too much because it serves no purpose. The idea that the other big sports strike and stick up for all their players is how it should be. Our players care nothing about most of all the other players. They think of number one only. At the very worse, every player should’ve have been grandfathered and put on the wait list where you at least don’t think you’re getting the fat end of the club in the dark side of your anatomy. We know we would never really have a chance but at least you might feel like you weren’t screwed. The Tour has plenty of money – do you think they could’ve at least put on a small event somewhere else and created a proam style event where you play with an amateur, but your score counts for some prize money. Heaven forbid they do something like that where you’re not feeling abandoned.


I wonder if the brainiacs have ever thought about having two man play in The Legends event that our players picked by you the fans – say a list of these players who just got boned. The two guys with the most votes play as a team each year. The tour could give a list and each player writes a paragraph and you the fan decides. A PR bonanza I think it might be, but I’m just an idiot who knows zippy do dah. I’m clearly pissed as hell and I can only hope someday Mr. Munch meets a certain lying son of an embarrassed mom. I know I may have made little sense and I do apologize for that, but I’ve waited long enough not to realize some venom.


The big picture is many guys got screwed and they will give you the basic PR bull, which means they don’t give a flying rats toe nails. Just in case you’re wondering, my phone calls have not been returned. Then again I’m still waiting for Tim to let me know how saddened he is concerning the loss of my loved ones. It takes time, so I must be patient. Mom scolded me often about my impatience.


On a side note, has anyone ever wondered why Deane Demon retired so quickly right after the lost lawsuit that he and Tim handled so well?


The good news is that my real good and true friend Larry Legend of Canada [ – note Larry’s middle name – Col.] rolled his first 300 game tonight in our league. It was wild watching a guy who hit a baseball a mile under the gun come down the stretch as he got closer and closer. If any of you knew how much he stepped up to help me after my world fell apart you would have immense respect for. A great friend, and I’m lucky to know him.


Good day my friends. Oh! I got in to Atlanta last night, but then got rejected today, bummer again. Plus we still haven’t figured out how to outsmart the Munch man yet too.



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