KG’s Blog Post #100 – 4/13/11 2:11am (Sign up for The NIPPER Club!)

Blogs don”t seem to end from the mouth of this One-legged golfing wonder. This will be short and to the point.  The Legends is just next week with my dear friend Calc.

I”m here to demand that you get rid of some money.  Nip’s Dog Heaven is up and running. I want you to join “The NIPPER Club”, a $70 private club where you will have a golf shirt with special logo, created by me.

Now, you are wondering what the hell else am I going to get for the Nipper membership?

1) This shirt will be a high end quality golf shirt.

2) You can submit any question you want answered to any Champions Tour player and We will do our best to get it answered for you.

3) You will get a newsletter every month – Calc and I will give you our golf, life, women, and anything else I can come up with.

4) Now here is the bonus kicker – if you commit to give us $2 for every birdie, $4 for every eagle before April 21st (Calc & I play The Legends April 22-24), you will be a full member of The Nipper Club. This sounds like I”m giving you a reason to root against us so I will say this.  If we shoot 22 under par for the week or better the shirt is yours for free. So just root for us now and if we do online casino not play well you still win.

Come join us as I start down the path of helping out dogs that are abandoned.

Seriously, get off your tush and sign up.

I not sure how many people even follow these blogs, but I”m going to be heartbroken if I can”t get 100 people to start this running.

Please don”t let me down.  When you join, please give your name, email, phone, address, shirt size, hdcp.   I”m really excited about this Foundation for Dogs, so I want you to contact me at ((( kjg85@ ))) with your membership agreement.

Do not do it any other way, because I may not get it and this is simply easier if it goes straight to me.

Bye for now Friends,


3 Responses to “KG’s Blog Post #100 – 4/13/11 2:11am (Sign up for The NIPPER Club!)”

  1. Brenda Roberts says:

    AND! I wanted to do the $4 per birdie which would have been before the 22nd if I emailed you right at kjg85 etc.

  2. Brenda Roberts says:

    I emailed you at saying I want to join…

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