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KG’s Blog Post #1 – 7/15/09

hello dear friends – green here.

I now weigh 160 lbs.  this 160 thing might not mean much to you guys, but just a few months ago i was weighing in at around 207. my gut was getting big enough where i couldn’t even see my toes. i can honestly tell you that i can see all five of my toes now. i believe once a have a few beers i’ll be able to see the other toes.

This is my official voyage into blogoville (no relation to the nutjob gov from ill), so excuse any errors. my dear friend col. cj gaddy told me to just be me and say what i say best. I am currently recuperating at my sister Shelley’s house in ormond beach florida. she and her family have been taking care of me with kid gloves.

The loss of our Brother Bill has been difficult to hand and being together has helped dramatically.  the loss of my “Baby” Jeannie, Billy and Nip are hard to understand, much less handle, but this is the road the Good Lord has put me on so i intend to make the best of it and even turn it into a special trip.

With that said i bid farewell and i will try and make more sense tomorrow, but i wouldn’t count on it. i will give you an update on my aches and pains tomorrow.

Thank you for caring,

9 Responses to “KG’s Blog Post #1 – 7/15/09”

  1. Deacon Greg Sherman says:

    Hello Ken,
    It has been quite a few years ago, but we met briefly at Cardinal Newman HS when you were considering sending your son there. We have another connection through our mutual friendship with Kevin and Debbie Richardson and their wonderful family. Please know that you have been in my prayers and thoughts ever since your accident. Your loss has been tremendous as you have shared, and the families of Bill, Jeannie are also very much in my prayers. They are now praying and looking out for you and their other loved ones. Nip from “Dog Heaven” will never be lost in your heart either. Continued perserverance and patience with your recovery and steps ahead. I have every confidence that you will achieve the goals you set for yourself in the future. Much thanks to all those around you have helped so much and continue to do so. I will be happy to be of any assistance and support in the future. Ken, you are truly an inspiration to me and to so many others. I’ll continue to check your blog on a regular basis– keep up the blogging. Be well and God bless. (Deacon) Greg Sherman, WPB

  2. Bob says:

    Hi Ken,

    I am a fan of yours from Danbury. I actually had planned a weekend and bought tickets to the Dick’s Sporting Goods tournament to see you play. Well, God works in strange ways and has a special plan for all of us. Remember God only deals the bad cards to the people who can handle the adversity. Keep up the determination and get yourself back out on the golf course. You will be a great imspiration to others. At the very least the journey could make for a very inspiring Hollywood movie!!!

  3. Denise says:

    You have touched and inspired so many people with your relentless determination and your strong will. I am so glad you are recovering and that you are writing! I will miss Jeannie and Bill. They were such good, kind people. Please know that Del and I love you dearly and that we are here if you need us.

  4. Mike Durkin says:

    Ken, you are off to a great start with the new web site. Keep it up because it is a great way to share with everyone who wants to support you. All the best with your recovery.

  5. Mike Farmer says:

    Hi KG – praying for you and Shelley – tremendous strength to make this a special road trip like you said – looking forward to your speedy recovery pal – stay strong – all the best

  6. Patricia (Dave's wife) says:

    Hi Kenny – Just wanted to know that we are praying for you up here in Kennebunkport, Maine. And, many who hardly even know you are praying for you too. You are loved by so many folks out there. I hope you can find some comfort in knowing that.

    I attended a documentary film this evening commemorating 40 years since man first walked on the moon. The determination and passion these men had for discovering the unknown was what kept them focused. I have been told that you too have this kind of determination. God will provide what you need when you need it.

    Patricia (David’s wife)

  7. DiaNNe says:

    Kenny, 90% of the battle is your attitude and it sounds like you have adjusted that. I had to do that after my accident and my life was forever changed. My life took a different direction, back to school, becoming a nurse in orthpedics. I had been where my patients were so I could understand them better and help them accept their changed lives. I had a lot of “why me” days but finally got over that. God has a plan for your life as He did mine and it was a life I would have never dreamed of. Hate to say this but the physical pain has never left me in fact gotten worse the older I get, but it is managed. I have a full life and a good life, sometimes it has been exciting and sometimes just get through it. Because of the people I have met because of my accident I really would not have changed what happened. It has led me down paths that I have helped a lot of people and people have touched my life that never would have. I guess I can say I would not take it back for all the rewards my changed life has given me. God was there when it happened, I know you don’t understand why and maybe never will, then again you might, probably not though. God does have a good plan for your life or He would not have saved you in the accident and it is important. I know you can not see ahead, and probably think I am full of it because your new lifestyle is so new to you. You will meet people that you would have never met otherwise, you will touch people that you would have never been able to, people will touch you that would never have been able to unless this happened. Don’t try to figure anything out now, just BE WHERE YOU ARE NOW. It will come to play and you might not play on the “course” again because there is another “course” for you to take. Just go with the flow when things start to move and you will know the way.
    I am so sorry this all happened to you and pray for you everyday, I love you although have no way of showing you that except to say YOU WILL MAKE IT. It’s a hard, rough road though, but you and I have the same personality we are DRIVEN that’s why I know you will make it and will shine. Take care and demand they control that damn pain. It you get some distractions if possible that will help. Hopefully Colonel can come to see you soon, I am encouraging him too do that.
    Love you,

  8. Dick Lallos says:

    Ken, that was great for the first time and as I keep telling you when we talk I am just checking in doing what I can for you. Leaving for Chicago in the morning and will call you from there. Say Hi to Shelley and thanks for all she is doing. RAL

  9. Justin says:

    Great to hear from you Ken. You’ve been in my prayers!
    Looking forward to more updates. I am in San Diego for awhile so it will be great to hear whas going on. Keep up the good fight and if you need some tiger balm, Conor is more than willing to help out. Best wishes -Justin

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