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KG’s Blog Post #101 – 4/24/11 10:21pm (Legends-Wrapup, Green’s Dog Heaven)

A mess of pure sadness and stupidity to bring to your bedroom.  I’m here to tell you I played really so much better than I ever thought possible.  I actually had good birdie putts on many holes.  I simply thought too hard – just forcing a putt in the hole does not work. We shot 15 under and without me Calc shoots 30; with me not choking my balls off we shoot about 24, and if Calc putts well we go to 33. Sad sad sad sad.  I’m so pissed I’m not going to baffle on, but. . .

I will tell you that if you signed up for our birdie bonus pool for my dog sanctuary we had 23 birdies so you owe $46 check* get made out to:

Green’s Dog Heaven
11854 Orange Grove Blvd.
West Palm Beach FL 33411

If you dare doing both, then just add them up [$46/LegendsBirds + $70/NipperClub = $116]. I’m working on the shirts and hope to have them in soon. Thank you for helping me get started down this road.

I feel like a let Calc down in a big way, I might well have just stuck a knife in his foot ‘cause I just never gave him a chance to roll. I simply just panicked on my putts, as all I could think was trying to make some ‘mo momey to help get me out of the hole. Stupidity at its finest. The money could have allowed me to do some real good things for some people, and I just didn’t Do it. I’m so sorry Calc, my blue.  I’m pissed pissed pissed, so good night.   I do want you all to use Liberty Mutual if you can, as they are the very first one to give me an exception, and although I failed, the high I have right now from playing is worth every choked putt I made. I feel like I won the tournament – it gave me that big a high. I was gonna, but I’m now gonna right a letter to The Regions [May 6-8, Shoal Creek, Birmingham, AL http://www.pgatour.com/tournaments/s558 ] and see if they have any room for me. So if you wage a phone, letter and protests for me fire away.


= = = = = = = = =

Everybody: Please JOIN KG’s “NIPPER Club” for Abandoned Dogs

= = = = = = Bottom line from KG:

To join The Nipper Club, All you have to do now is to email KG directly at kjg85@pgatour.com and tell him “I’m in for the $70 Plan, or the ‘Legends Bonus Plan’ ( $2Birds/$4Eags)”, and give him: your name, email, phone, address, shirt size, hdcp.  (you’ll pay up later).

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  1. jay says:

    i know you were hoping for a better score, but we thought you looked solid. a few missed putts is almost every golfers burden. i bet calc doesn’t feel let down at all, and we loved seeing you compete. we are even looking at trying to fit the sr pga into our schedule because you are gonna be there. keep plugging along.


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