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KG’s Blog Post #102 – 5/6/11 12:33am (Love, The Nipper Club)

Hey to all. I’m writing you with a sad, sad mind – what mind I had at least. Besides my putting going south, so has my recent romance, for which we are not able to figure it out like real people. Go figure! I had immense love, and it goes south for stupidity. I suck at golf and women.  Anyway, enough of my crying.

If anyone signed up for the Nipper Club Bonus Plan, it was $46 [23 Birds x $2]. Our shirts should be done in about 2 weeks, so just fire in your money and I’ll use it for the tears before I deposit into the Regions Bank, which I use to support them for doing a Champions Tour event.  I met a young lady who does Regions’ PR work last year and she’s a doll, so that’s where my money will sit.  Jessica loves dogs and is recently married, but I forgot his name, sorry dude. 

Checks go to my house at ($70/NipperClub. $46/Regions-Bonus, $116/BOTH]:

Green’s Dog Haven
11854 Orange Grove Blvd.
W. Palm Beach, FL 33411

My goal is to still play in the PGA Seniors in Louisville at the end of the month [May 26-29 2011: 72nd Senior PGA Championship, Valhalla Golf Club, Louisville http://www.pga.com/seniorpga/2011 ]. I would like to tell you the experiences I’ve had in bed (no sex) the last 2 nights, but you guys would think that I’ve lost my marbles and throw me into the asylum. I will tell you soon and it was not of this world. 

Thanks for all who are helping, and I think you will like the shirt and our special Nip logo.



= = = = = = Reminder from KG:

To join The Nipper Club, email KG directly at kjg85@pgatour.com and tell him “I’m in for the $70 Plan, or the ‘Legends Bonus Plan’ ($2Birds/$4Eags)”, and give him: your name, email, phone, address, shirt size, hdcp.

FROM HIS BLOG #100 4-13-11:

“Come join The Nipper Club as I start down the path of helping out dogs that are abandoned. Please don’t let me down.  When you join, please give your name, email, phone, address, shirt size, hdcp.  I’m really excited about this Foundation for Dogs, so I want you to contact me at ((( kjg85@pgatour.com ))) with your membership agreement. Do not do it any other way, because I may not get it and this is simply easier if it goes straight to me.”


= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
KG’s Blog Post #102a – 4/28/11 6:27pm (Back From Savannah)

Hello Dear Friends,

I’ve just spent 3 straight days in bed. The leg blew up on the drive back from Savannah and it was not so much fun. If truth be told, I had no idea that I had sent out a blog till yesterday. I have clearly been in a different world. Kind of feel like Spock or one of those aliens, prefer the gorgeous Vulcan on the new Trek series, although they are full of logic and I had zero the past few days. 

Anyway, I’m ecstatic on how I hit the ball in Savannah, but the putting was seriously pukeville. It was so bad I’m not worried about it. I do think I panicked on the possibility of making a little cash, and the fact that I have not played any real golf was clearly a negative and I hope to rectify that.

The week was stupid pain, but most of it hit me at night, where I can just hug & hold & cry and ride it out. The other issue that I must resolve is the constant headaches, which are clearly effecting my putting also. My leg is slamming me, so I’m going to stop and make this short (the iPad is on the bed which sets my leg off).  Did I ever tell you that every time I go to the bathroom my leg hurts, computers on bed or lap, wires, food and my head? Just some of the whacky things in my world.

Be good. So sad about the tornados, hope for all who have been hit.


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  1. Keith Henshaw says:

    Ken Green, pulling for you bigtime. I am starting a magazine called “Richmond Golf & Dine” and want to do a story on you for our inaugaral issue in June. I would love some comments on upcoming senior pga tournament and the difficulties you have had to overcome. Also,would love a current photo. Please contact me at keithapc@gmail.com or call 336-263-8001. Thanks, Keith Henshaw

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