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KG’s Blog Post #103 – 5/7/11 12:46pm (R.I.P. Seve)

I had originally created some dopey best marriages game for bored dopes who read my blogs.

However, I must clearly say something on the passing of Seve. I know that his children are devastated and I feel for them. What I’m about to say I want to make sure it is not misinterpreted. If I had died in the accident, I’m perfectly ok with someone who disliked me to simply say he was a real hog horn.  I wish no one a painful end to life. I will say the top things that come to my mind about him and his skills as a golfer:


1- The best short game ever – Phil, Tiger, and anyone else can only be second.

2- I loved his rhythm.

3- He was a complete ass on the course and always tried to use intimidation as way to victory, by that I mean the not so ethical coins, coughing, and moving around.

4 – He beat me at Westchester with one of the best bunkers I witnessed under the gun and did it by making it look like it was a routine bunker shot and it was nasty hard.

5 – We had two run-in’s on the course – one at the 89 Masters that many still remember to this day. He just shot 31 on Sunday and was leading when he took an official and convinced him into get a drop that he knew was not right. I contend to this day he was willing to take that drop if I didn’t confront him and insist we get another ruling. The head official immediately sided with me.

6- At the Ryder Cup later that year, I quietly mentioned to Jose that he picked up a putt that I had not given him and that he should pay more attention (about a 2-footer and I was going to give it to him). Jose immediately said yes, he was wrong and sorry. End of story.  Seve overheard and starts trying to jump in saying that yesterday in their match, Calc-McCumber did xxxx.  I told him it’s not his business and go away, butd in a typical Seve move he would not. Jose pulled him away and said Seve, he’s right let it go.

7- As most of us do, I do belief he calmed as the demons had taken over in his head. Because I went through a case of demon heads, I know how hard this is to handle. I think for him it must have been harder because he was such a good player.

8- It may sound like there is a part of me who did not like him ,and that is true, but I truly understand what he did for golf in Europe can never be equaled and for that he should be remembered.

9- The brat Monty should thank him constantly; Rory and the other young men today better appreciate what he has done for them. Seve was/is Europe’s version of Palmer.

10- Here is a case of numbers. He has 5 majors and Faldo 6.  Seve was much, much better.

Be good my friends. Yesterday was one of my best days since the accident, healthwise I mean.  I hope to play 3 times next week and see if I can get the game good enough to break 78 at Valhalla.  Today’s not so nice, but damn it felt good to be normal for a day.


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  1. Colonel says:

    In 2010, during his last television interview with the BBC, Ballesteros spoke of fighting cancer. “You can’t have it all in life,” he said. “One day you feel fantastic, the next you never know what is going to happen. You just take a look at how many days of glory I had before. It has been a fantastic life and this, what has happened to me, is what I will call destiny; one test that God is putting on me.”

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