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KG’s Blog Post #106 – 5/26/11 10:11pm (Valhalla – got 6 Holes in)

Well, somehow we did play some golf today.  My 2:20 time was actually a 7 o’clock start. The storms just never stopped coming in for a nasty wet landing.

My teacher Peter Kostis was sent a video of my swing last night and he gave me 2 options. 1) close the stance up and square the shoulders up which will get me a little more draw and height on the ball which I was doing neither. It’s pretty scary to make a change only in your mind, but I had nothing to lose considering how bad I was hitting the ball.

I started out with a pure drive and a great hybrid to about 30 feet, 196 yard shot. Sadly, I panicked a little on my 3-footer that I left short and talked myself out of ‘cause I was just so nervous and the excitement to be playing in this premier event of senior golf. Just missed a birdie from 20 feet for par.  Then I hit a 5 wood right on this killer par3, but made of stupid good chip loft to 10-feet and made it. The next hole I hit a good drive (250 all in the carry, ouch so short) a perfect 9-iron to about 12 feet where I had no clue on the read and my caddy came closer than me, but it just missed. Old eyes don’t always work. The next hole I bombed a drive and hit a 5 wood into there about 20 feet, this was awesome. #6 is clearly the hardest hole, I pulled my drive onto a mogul and was left with hit it 20 yards and lay up short of the water or try and carry the water, 150. This was a gamble because the serious hill means anything can happen. I pulled off a hybrid which left me 79 yards. I hit a SW to 5 feet and made the putt. Round now over.

I must play 30 tomorrow and I simply don’t see me to be able to finish. I will fight till tears fall hard from me before I quit. These 6 holes have given me a boost as this is set up much harder than our normal events.  Sleep, sex, food, and munch tussle will finish my night and get me ready.

Be good my friends,


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