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KG’s Blog Post #107 – 5/28/11 3:04pm (Valhalla: “disappointed, yet Proud”)

Holy Taser Batman,

It’s 3:00 Saturday and my leg is still on high alert, but at least I’m not on shot mode. I finished the morning 9 at even par and was really thinking I could keep it 75 or better. I hit a shot off a side hill lie out of the rough and the leg went ballistic and never shut down. I’m so disappointed, yet I’m proud of myself at the same time. I will tell you that out of the 30 holes I played, I had to hit a 3 or 5 wood into 14 of them. That makes it very hard to score. I’m starting to think that they should hold the Kentucky derby at this place and let them run like hell.

My hope is to go to Boston and start the ball rolling on the new leg that I’m praying will take pressure of the nerves in the stump that make me just cry like an idiot at times. I felt awful that I was losing it out there, but I’m telling you the electricity simply doesn’t allow me to function when it goes berserk.  I do think that if the 693 inches (of rain) hadn’t fallen, I would have been able to play that course in very acceptable scores.

90% of me is telling me to get off this pipe dream and the other 10% says don’t stop. I’m going with the 10 probably.  My nature not to do the smart thing.

Just a quick note.  I’m still in la la la land and am making no sense so I will shut it down.

Be good my friends,



2 Responses to “KG’s Blog Post #107 – 5/28/11 3:04pm (Valhalla: “disappointed, yet Proud”)”

  1. Mike says:

    KG – very inspirational. Thanks for the update and thanks for pushing forward. There’s a lot to learn from watching you do it.

  2. Colonel says:

    CT-Golfer Writer BRUCE BERLET wrapped up KG’s #107 (and Valhalla) perfectly when he posted this footnote on his blog at http://www.ctgolfer.com/blogs/bruce_berlet :
    “Keep the faith, Ken. Your friends and supporters will agree with whatever you want to do. Who are we to question your desires with what you have endured and how much you have inspired others?” – Bruce

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