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KG’s Blog Post #108 – 5/30/11 7:45pm (Glad I played Valhalla; Looking Ahead)

Well it’s been

a few days now since I finished the battle of Valhalla. As of about 5:00 this afternoon, I seem to be back to my not really normal taser count.

What I’m about to say is simply what has happened the past few days. I’ve never had so much and so high amount of electricity in my body. I think it’s really sad when you’re excited about being taser’d in small amounts. I’m still glad I did it and am glad that I didn’t interfere with my playing partners.

I will be heading to the Carolina area to seek a neuro specialist on the head issues. Truthfully, my head has been nothing compared to the last 4 days. He has worked with an amputee who has had both of my issues, and I’m hoping he can figure out at least the head problems. He has had some success in the shock part, but only temporarily. Then it is my hope to head to Boston and get working on the new “holy grail” of feet. From there I don’t really know what I’m going to do – I’m a lost little soul at the moment and will just go where the body goes.

Be good and for you northern souls, I hope your golf gives you peace.


2 Responses to “KG’s Blog Post #108 – 5/30/11 7:45pm (Glad I played Valhalla; Looking Ahead)”

  1. Larry Wheeler says:

    Ken my prayers are with you, I personnally know you can overcome this to with GOD,s help her is so awsome. I am also a fellow amputee who enjoys playing golf just not at your leavel though I wanted to at one time now I ejoy simply playing. I am working one a new foot that has just came out, you might check it out go to iwalk.com, it is truly awsome.

    Play Great

  2. N.G.Simon says:

    our thoughts and prayers ggo with you,Ken,we’re hoping for the best for you! Keep the faith!

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