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KG’s Blog Post #10 – 8/7/09 1:54am

Hello Golfing World,

Yet another delay in blogging.  Although I’m not sure what is the proper protocol,  I will start with a simple joke – it was pointed out that it would be a bummer if I was picked as a teammate in a kickball game…

A man we call “package” recently bombarded me for not getting off my ass and not blogging fast enough – a semi valid point.  However, I have to remind him i hardly have an ass right now.

Small bleeding in stumpometer has caused two delays in trying out my first rental leg.  Next try on Monday but it’s so so.  I’m getting kind of  pissed but it will come soon enough.

I just watched golf channel 19th hole show. This man Hawkins (i believe) insulted the Greenbrier Hotel announcement that it was replacing the Buick Open (my first win) by saying, wow another 5-star facility sponsor on tour.  In this economy he should be saluting anyone that comes to the table right now.  He jokingly said there might be 8 people in attendance.  I have listened to him on numerous times and i can clearly state he has no knowledge of golf but believes he does.  Too many reporters today seem to be too interested in expressing their views instead (he may own the patent) of telling the story of the player/event.  Brilliant – now I’m the holy moly idiot.

Back to injury.  It is my plan to be walking well by the Sept charity event in Danbury, and my protho specialist says maybe even swinging a little – poorly he says, but swinging is swinging in my mind.  I’m debating what my first score goal is going to be – white tees on familiar course so I’m going for the lofty thought of breaking 80.  Hope my hands work well that day.

Be good my friends,

6 Responses to “KG’s Blog Post #10 – 8/7/09 1:54am”

  1. Chuck Almond says:

    Good Morning KG!
    Wanted you to know we were thinking of you and hope your recovery is progressing as you have planned. Keep up the positive attitude. Farmer and I know you can do anything you put your mind (as twisted as it can sometimes be) to!!


  2. Hello Ken, Thanks for your blogs. When you do write them, I enjoy reading them and hearing about each moment of progress forward — and yes, even the temporary steps back, they are there and you are honest about them. Fifty years of the Buick Open– really sad that the economic situation means its end, but hopefully that will be temporary. Ken, when you get a chance, check out my web site, http://www.gregshermanart.com. All of the golf originals are now in a print series– even though my website only shows two– Augusta #13, and Pebble Beach # 18. If you would like one, pick out any of them (or two) and I would be thrilled to send you them with my compliments. Keep up with the three “p’s” that have got me through my difficult times in life (though admitedly not the loses that you experienced), including one this year that Kevin and Debbie R are well aware of: those three “p’s– Patience, Persistence, and Prayer. Be well and God bless, (Deacon) Greg, WPB

  3. Bob Carbone, Danbury, CT says:

    If you Google one-legged golfers, you can see a video of a kid swinging a golf club on only one leg. He’s a five handicap. Maybe when you win your next tournament the golf instructors will be recommending amputatuion of a leg to play better golf, and you will be credited with that. Another Green first.
    Keep your chin up, and best on your recover. Good news about Sept.


  4. Richard White says:

    Swinging in September. That is a piece of great news. Saying is doing. You have the right attitude.

    All the best!! Richard

  5. Carl Spackler says:

    It’s easy to grin, when your ship comes in, and you’ve got the stock market beat; but the man worth while, is the man who can smile, when his shorts are too tight in the seat

  6. Bigcat says:

    1:54 am, man that’s a late or early blog. Not much humor in it. You sound stumped…

    Grabbed a 28″ putter at mini golf. Thought of you.

    Have a good day, Bigcat

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