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KG’s Blog Post #11 – 8/13/09 12:05am

Good day,

Once again i must explain my tardiness.  It is simple – i was waiting to see how my day of walking went.  I am absolutely ecstatic!  It was weird and strange but i was walking – my new temporary leg was heavy and tricky to walk in, but i managed not to fall on my butt.  I have a long way to go, but i believe i’ve started the fight on a winning note.

Tomorrow i go again, where i will continue to learn and possibly listen to my prot king STAN PATTERSON.  I have total faith that Stan will teach me and make the best prosthetic possible.  I will post you all on my day tomorrow.

Don’t forget that there are some great auction items on the site.  I kinda feel like I’m begging for my own self – but it’s a three edge sword.  Good things for a semi decent guy and the cause is good, for I will get well and return.  All the good given me will be sent out four fold – you have my word on that.


10 Responses to “KG’s Blog Post #11 – 8/13/09 12:05am”

  1. Hanne says:

    It is such a joy to *watch you making your way back. I know you will, have no doubt!
    Thank you

  2. Joe Pauldine says:

    Hey Ken…

    Congrats on walking! It’s about time you stopped dragging your feet! Glad you liked the jokes enough to post a couple. See in you West Palm soon, I hope.


  3. Bob Carbone, Danbury, CT says:

    Auction items look great. How about a round of golf with Ken Green? I’m sure that will bring a very high bid.
    Good news about you walking. One step at a time to a complete recovery. Keep up the good work.


  4. package says:

    Ditto to what Colonel says. Good news KG..see you soon.

  5. Deborah Homan says:

    Good Morning Ken-
    I am so proud of you!!! Great news for a beautiful morning-
    With your positive attitude, you’ll be “back in the swing of things” in no time-
    Keep up the good work and have a wonderful day!

    Believing in you,

  6. Tom Batewell (Fort Mill, SC) says:

    Hey Ken….
    I have been waiting for this post to come in, I knew it was only a matter of time. Great news…as I like to sign off with “I hope good days are ahead”…today is one of those days. Not just for you but for all of us that are monitoring your comeback. Thanks for the blogs, they are fun and in the case of today’s….inspiring and awesome!

    I KNOW there are good days ahead,

    Tom in Fort Mill, SC

  7. Jack 'the Nurse' Garamella says:

    In keeping with your sense of humor, why don’t you ask your friends to name your new leg. I can predict that the exercise will give you and the rest of us some much needed laughter. Keep up the strong work.
    Let’s all hope The Kid (Craig Thomas) makes the cut at Hazeltine. I know that you will be pulling for him.

  8. Sandman says:

    Green machine , Great to hear you are up and about…..thinking I might have a chance in the 40 yd dash if we do it in the next week or 2…..after that I’m toast ! My kids were asking how you are doing and send their thoughts and prayers. looking forward to seeing you down here in hurricane alley. All the best brother , Sandman

  9. Colonel says:

    KG, great news moving around on your new unit! I believe it’s about time I get off my butt and start hitting balls, or I’m going to be in real trouble!

    Re: your, “All the good given me will be sent out 4-fold – you have my word on that.” . . . Hey, don’t you worry about returning anything, ole Boy. You’ve already given enough for FOUR Lifetimes. I’ve NEVER seen anybody into Giving as much as you, from the 1st day I met you God-Only-Knows how many years ago. Most people (like me) Give when they Have, but you Gave when you Had and you Gave when you Didn’t Have – that’s the mark of a True Giver’s Heart.

    BEST TO YOU, Comeback Kid!

  10. Ralph Salito says:

    I have been following the whole ordeal from the beginning, I have sent it to Jim Remy and the other PGA of America officers-and I have to tell you that the outpouring of emotion and compassion has been so positve and inspiring -it has given new meaning to many people that you as well as others can accomplish anything -Thanks for your inspiration-I know that this will be the best time of your life!
    Ralph Salito

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