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KG’s Blog Post #110 – 6/10/11 9:33pm (Headache Doc.; New Leg on 20th)

Hello, relatively decent people. I’m laying here in bed watching Munch lick what toes I have. He should be done soon – beats the shower.  Dr. Alan Finkel of the Carolina Headache Institute in Chapel Hill NC [ http://www.carolinaheadacheinstitute.com ] has looked me over. Shock! I baffled him [see Dr. Finkel"s Comment below!].  After answering some questions in the me style of my brain, he determined that there was some hope.  I do have the TBI (traumatic brain injury) and the PSTD, or something like that.

I will go loony earlier than even I expected, but he does feel that he can relieve the head problems and help the shock issues.  Any help is greatly wanted.

I will be getting the new foot on the 20th, so I”m excited about it. I”m not sure I will be able to use it at the Dicks Open, but if not that’s the way it goes.

NIPPER CLUB SHIRTS UPDATE:  The shirts still haven”t been shipped, so I apologize for the delay. I”ve been told I will get them by early next week.  The problem then is that I’m not there, but I will figure it out and then get them out to all who have signed up.  They came out good by the way.

Be good,

= = = = = = =Quite an article, leading up to Dick”s Open:
6-15-11: “Ken Green Is Enduring Unimaginable Pain To Write Golf”s Great Comeback Story”
Written by: Eric Adelson, ThePostGame (Yahoo Sports)

To join The Nipper Club, email KG directly at kjg85@pgatour.com and tell him “I want to join The Nipper Club”, and give him: your name, email, phone, address, shirt size, hdcp.
Then, mail your $60 check to:
Green’s Dog Haven
11854 Orange Grove Blvd.
W. Palm Beach, FL 33411

4 Responses to “KG’s Blog Post #110 – 6/10/11 9:33pm (Headache Doc.; New Leg on 20th)”

  1. Mary J. Romano says:

    I believe what you are referring to is PTSD Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Lots of people have it, from Vets returning from war, to survivors of hurricanes and tornados.. anybody who survives some typre of a traumatic incident can have it. I used to work for a psychiatrist that treated many patients with PTSD. Just having a name for it sometimes helps you understand that there is hope.

    No matter what, I hope you do well at Endicott. I’m hoping to make it there.. if so, I hope I can give you a cheer. Keep on moving forward Ken. You give hope to many!

  2. David Stickley says:

    I wish you strength and relief from pain today. I was involved in an auto accident and I also live with chronic pain from multiple injuries and it has changed my life also. I struggle to re-invent myself and adapt to a new reality. Adapting and acceptance is the hardest part not to mention pain flare ups. I am inspired by your motivation to keep moving forward and I wish you the best.

  3. Alan G Finkel MD says:

    The correct name of the medical practice is the Carolina Headache Institute [ http://www.carolinaheadacheinstitute.com ], and I am adjunct professor at UNC. Baffled is for amateurs. Ken is a professional…the experience of TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) in professional athletes and the soldiers I treat make the language of wellness and illness different. Hope is always worth the effort. The science of TBI is growing (I am currently at the Federal Interagency Conference on TBI in Washington DC) and it is the community of scientists’ and clinicians’ sincere hope that all will gain by Ken’s and our efforts.
    Have a good day.
    Alan G Finkel, MD FAAN FAHS

  4. Tom Briggum says:

    Every time I get a leg upgrade, it just gets better. I hope that’s the same for you once more.

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