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KG’s Blog Post #112 – 6/28/11 2:30am (Dick’s Open Reflections, Dog-Haven Update)

So many good things to say I’m not sure where to start. I actually played golf for 5 days in a row for the very first time, although my only ankle on my body is not really happy. Although much weaker compared to my drives from last year, I thought I did half way decent for me. 76-75-76 is very deceiving, but that is golf sometimes. I’m hitting some really good quality shots mixed in with some damn “Alice what fart is the matter with you?” ones.  I was 13 shots over par, and of those 9 were related to lies on hills that I simply fail to hit good shots. I’m not sure how many shots the leg cost me because I didn’t quite hit it close enough with other shots that from hills that I did manage to make par but not birdie.

In my opinion, which is usually right, the best news to report is that it was the least amount of physical pain I’ve had to play in to date. If the nerve issues are a thing of the past I will be an easier person to be around and a better golfer, I hope. Two years of that constant electric slam blasts are enough.

Three people have already told me they stopped at a Dick’s Sporting Goods in my honor and I want to say thank you to them. The Dicks people were great to invite me, even though they knew I stink at the moment. Quite honestly they have figured out 2 things the others haven’t yet. One is that the leg and good golf is a story and the other is that that I’m still one of the best pros to play with in a pro-am. The Champions tour is about making sure the corporate world people have a fun time; the golf is secondary, however good it is they play.

Now onto the other bit of good news that I have for you. My Green’s Dog Haven has started all ready, yet it be a small start. My first mini place will be in Tupelo, Mississippi. We have secured a one acre fenced in yard where some dogs will enjoy their days instead of the furnace. We are starting slow as we don’t want to make too many mistakes and then not be able to fix them. Right now there are 5 dogs living there and all 5 have come from the shelter, but 3 came before I was involved so I don’t want to take credit for saving their lives.  A lady I trusted with my own dogs will be their permanent caretaker. I’m not sure how many we will end up with because it’s not really cheap to take care of one dog much less a bunch and as of now we only have about $5,000 raised so far.

So, if you know of a golf who is a dog person there is no excuse for him not to send in the $60 and get a nice quality golf shirt with our specially designed logo. I hope to have a fund raiser in the fall that will help and then another in the spring.

Take care my friends,


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  1. William says:

    What Hogan went through is nothing compared to what happened to you, your partner and family – I watched you play at Sun City, South Africa, and thought you were a breath of fresh air, exciting, and a pleasure to spend the day with! – I wish you all the very best in your future career & life in general… William

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