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KG’s Blog Post #114 – 7/16/11 9:59pm (NIPPER CHALLENGE 2011, New Leg!)

LOW GROSS   Dinardo 68        Ertz   69       McElree    70
LOW NET        Dinardo 66        Ertz   66       McElree    68

The steady Paul played well only to be bitten by the hit man, Putter or die basically kept him from being 4 better, The Ertz was a classic psychotic nun. The nun had 2 naturals and was basically a 6 hole charmer. The anchor McB was just having one of those days were you wonder why am I playing with 3 people I don’t even like.  Well, you may be wondering what the hell I’m doing.  Every time I play with someone, I will give them a chance to pony up 20 and simply play a better ball of the two.  There will be gross & net. Once we hit 60 teams, the money will be sent to the winners.

The new leg is just fantastic. I really feel like I walk like a human. I then saw it on video, and it’s better but not perfect. I’m not so sure the leg will help in golf, but I have to give it a little time. My balance will be definitely better and tomorrow I go to the Ridgewood CC. The club turned down me as a player in their member-guest, and I’m hurt. I thought I had more people that understand that right now every tournament is a thrill and fun to be trying to play again.  They could give me that chance to fill up my tank so to speak.  They missed the point on me and in general, that it’s just great to be out there and playing golf. I will continue on tomorrow and see.  Shot 74 with the new leg.

Be good my friends,


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  1. N.G.Simon says:

    RCC probably still pissed you used to sneak on and play in your younger days!! continued success with your new leg!

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