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KG’s Blog Post #115 – 7/20/11 9:02pm (KG’s New HT Robo Leg)

KG’s Blog Post #115 – 7/20/11 9:02pm (KG’s New HT Robo Leg)

So here I sit trying to figure out how to send mass email to people so they can get a early view of the insanity that comes out of my brain.  Day2 on the links with my new HT Robo Leg went pretty well.  There is no doubt that the leg has helped me thru the day.  When I got off the course, I was not as nearly drained of energy.  Because the robo leg is doing most of the work, my stump nerves are not on constant red alert with shots from hell.  I’m not acting like a human, but sure do feel like I’m getting closer to being one again.  I have juice to fight with my girl now & she loses very battle of discussions we have.

I’m going to try & send u a photo, although I’m not sure u want to see it – but tough bellies my friends.  I picked up 10 yards too.

Thanks for tolerating my first early view of a blog.  This computer in my foot needs to figure out this computer in my brain.  Oh, the pain in the leg has been reduced dramatically too.  I failed on photo of robo leg – sh*t i say.  The robo dude also seems to allow me to turn better, which is probably the reason for the 10 yard gain. 

Day3 on the links with Robo leg was a disaster. All 3 batteries went on strike. They were looking for a higher debt than I was willing to give them I guess. So, I had to play with this extra load of weight & less flexibility which led to a smooth 78. That’s the road I guess I will always live with – strange things can & will happen. I paid the price with tears of hell, wow! I mean I was kind of getting use to just mini-bolts and then I had this 3-hour nightmare that nothing would stop. Finally time did.

Now I’m off to PA to play golf with these friends of mine who say they are going to play in the 100 degree heat that is about to hit us. Women are right, we are stupid! 


3 Responses to “KG’s Blog Post #115 – 7/20/11 9:02pm (KG’s New HT Robo Leg)”

  1. Mary J. Romano says:

    DO NOT fight with your lady.. you only THINK that you’ve won! We ladies always win.. that’s just the rules.

  2. Vee says:

    p.s Women are always right……..

  3. Vee says:

    H T Robo leg ( not Rogo ) looks good ! Who sponsers the sneaker ……………?

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