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KG’s Blog Post #116 – 7/26/11 8:56am (Odd&Ends, 1st Round w/New Foot)

Ok my friends, I have a few things to say because I’m in a surly arse mood. T. Watson can skip whatever event he wants [Tom Watson, Greenbrier’s golf professional emeritus, is skipping the U.S. Senior Open to play in this week’s Greenbrier Classic], but understand this about golfers. One is, what’s best for me, and two, is money – he has a financial connection with the Greenbrier.  I wish the place the best of luck because this man who bought the Greenbrier is honestly doing it for the state. He has built stupid stuff there for the players and spent crazy money doing so.  I hope that players can get off their spoiled arses & give him a thanks and learn that it’s sometimes good to spend your money for the benefit of others. As for Tom, it’s just wrong, but it’s his decision alone. Majors on the senior mean very little to the stars also.

Some people have spoken on the Steve being fired by Tiger thing. I personally don’t like how Steve handled himself, but my opinion is useless. However, if anyone thinks that he has been a factor in Tiger’s career they are looney. Tiger is the best player ever or #2, which is where I put him. A caddy can only screw things up & trust me, it’s not hard to just do the right things. Mr. Munch could caddy for him and he would still win.

Now for things that really matter.  I’m going to play my first round in Florida with my new foot today. I’m slapping it around at the Breakers, where it’s flat all over and my home course, so I will be able to tell if I have gained any distance. I’m going to battle a Jew and Walk. An ex-baseball dude & a gazillionare, so I’m the favorite. The Jew will bitch about how I’m not giving him enough strokes; the Walk will just demand them. If I don’t shoot 68 I’m toast, and I don’t do that much.

I want to thank all who have helped with the Nip Haven golf shirts and for those who haven’t you still have time. If you have sent some money in and not received the shirt please email me again at kjg85@pgatour.com , because I’m a loose cannon in the brain so I might have skipped you.

Take care,


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