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KG’s Blog Post #117 – 7/28/11 9:02pm (Mostly on 1st results of HT Robo Leg)

Everyone seems to be bitching about the politicians, but really shouldn’t we be complaining about the English punctuation we have to use when we write? Why the fork can’t I just write every damn word like I was talking to you in person? I promise you the same idiot who created the Pword was shithoused and then had sex with a women who then created the evil monster who invented golf.

I played 3 straight days and had very little pain, except for the pathetic display of no skill. Besides that, I got hammered by a Walk & Jew. I’m trying to remain calm & spirits up young man, but

just can’t do it! I’m such a weasel for complaining about my game but that’s what we golfers do so I know you will bear with me.

I’m walking without thinking for the first time in 2 years, but now I just don’t seem to be able to swing the club. I’m not sure if it’s the extra dead weight or what the hell it is. Instead of being 5 or 6 shots worse, I now think I’ve juiced that up to 7 or 8. I’m not sure if I’ve been fooling myself for the last couple of years in thinking that if I just wasn’t being electrocuted minute by minute, I could get better and maybe compete as a pro again. I’ve had a really decent stretch of minimal bolts and am starting to realize that I will never ever be able to attain that level again. I know I’m whining and have no right to do such a thing, but it really hurts. I’m at the point that I’m not sure I give a flying owl dung if I played a round of golf again. Typical rhetoric from a pissed off golfer after a 3-week slump.

I’m sorry that I use you to vent myself, but along with the good must come stupidity. Speaking of stupidity, Rory got trapped right in the ass by Jay Townsend, he should never have even responded to his comments. When you’re 22 and have won the US Open already, who gives a flying pigs ball what he thinks.

Before you think I’ve given up, don’t even think for a second I have. I am way to stubborn, stupid, pig-balled, and handsome to stop trying. As I jump from hole to topic, I’ve lost at least 10 yards & I thought I was going to gain yardage off the tee. It’s like buying a sweetie-to-be drinks all night and think you are going to find mad cow sex, and then her saying “it’s been a pleasure, enjoy honking your own horn, I must go home”. That being said, a real man will try and find his love the next night, so shall I go back to the course! First step is back to the prosthetic and see if I can invent a new way to move the dead weight.

Funny how no one said a word about Kenny Perry skipping the Open to play the Greenbrier.

We’ve hit a serious stop order point on Nip Haven shirts, so the next time your silly butt 3-whacks, your punishment is to find a friend or Ex and have them order a shirt.

Well, it’s time for this depressed pig whiner to try and reinvent an attitude before I check myself into the asylum.

Take care,


PS: How to join The Nipper Club and/or order a Nip Haven Hat (we now have PayPal):


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