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KG’s Blog Post #118 – 8/7/11 10:08pm (Commentary & My Schedule)

Real quick note to all. My head is on constant stupid with headaches all day long. Truly this is forked up. My brain’s capability to fight is fading.

Brad Razor, if you read this please resend your address as the shirt keeps coming back – thanks.

Just saw the rise of the apes and have concluded that they could run Washington better than the current dopes that are there now.

Tiger’s golf game looks very similar to a normal pro, but despite its current state, I believe he will be back. I just hope he turns into a better human – maybe he should go see the apes and see how they treat each other.

I’m off to Indy to help out the Fuzzy dude with a charity event and then off to CT to try and find my fight mode that I left back there on #16 at Richter Park. Then I go to Boston to see if we can make some adjustments in my Robo Leg gizmo. Then I either find Mr. Fight or spin myself into oblivion.

Take care,


PS: BTW folks, I just saw the quote from Williams on how this was the greatest win of his career caddying. Wow, talking about scorn of a woman, about the scorn of a caddy? I use these words carefully; first, the media should be given the Enquirer Emmy for even given a flying ship what he thinks. Golfers win tournaments, never a caddy. Secondly, that quote is as bad as that ahminidope in Iran. Pure lying and he knows it. That man should be grateful for making a gazillion for being a complete jerk to the fans while looping it. Go figure.

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