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KG’s Blog Post #119 – 8/11/11 7:19am (Robo, Pain, PGA)

U r about to receive my first early blog where I abandon the English punctuation.    The computer may do some but screw the rest.  Just read.

Before I voice wisdom on the PGA, I will say that I played with our new twisting shoe that I was hoping would help me with my new robo leg. Forking wrong.  I must now hope that the genius who invented this robo can make some adjustments.  I must also report that my nerve pain that had calmed for the very first time has come back with a vengeance.  Between that & my head pain I’m looking for the lead role in Saw 6. This reverse has affected my limited brain tremendously. I’m really pissed for the first time since the accident   However, there is a company out of Arizona who has contacted me & wants to let me use a machine of theirs that uses pulse technology to help eliminate this pain. This is now my new miracle on 34th street.

I don’t believe the Williams apology for one minute.  I say his plan was exactly this.  Scream bitch moan & then apologize & then people will have even more sympathy for me.  People tend to forget that he as an ego has big has some of the players he has caddied for. Floyd Norman Tiger are at the top of that gang.

Now I’m going to Segway right over to the lion dude.  I say if he wants to win the PR world he should do this till the end of next year he should donate every dime he wins to the local charities then he should say that every time he wins he will personally match it.  Tell me that’s not brilliant.  (I’ve been up all night due to the leg/head issues, so if I make no sense I say screw it.)  Sadly, he is too cheap to even let that run through his mind.

I listened to many reporters & players saying how golf is such a great place due to the fact that there are so many great young golfers.  This leads right into my opinion that golfers are too selfish. They are thinking about themselves once again.  The game of golf is in trouble and needs some major work to get people playing.  I’ve stated my theory so I won’t repeat myself.

I’ve slapped Rory a couple of times, so I would like to give him a cheer for answering a stupid question asked by a dopey reporter.   He was asked how important the caddy & agent are for him, and he simply said it’s all on me.  I’m the one responsible. Tell me that you’re not tired of listening to media people spit out all their wisdom knowledge about golf.  The Golf Channel goes into overkill during a major. The Hawkins nut is worse than the woodchucks chunking wood    

Remember this, if Jack had the greens of today the 18 would be 28.

Swing hard & be good I’m going to try & sleep.


4 Responses to “KG’s Blog Post #119 – 8/11/11 7:19am (Robo, Pain, PGA)”

  1. cody says:

    Just wanted to say that I lost my left leg below the knee about a month before you. I hope your pain had subsided some. I have noticed I have some terrible pain that comes out of nowhere and will last a couple of days. On these days I will try to walk and be on it as much as possible because it seems to desensitize the nerves a little, I am sure you have tried it but if not maybe it could work for you.

  2. Nicole says:

    Hi Ken. My name is Nicole. Sorry to say I am not a golfing fan, but I was doing some research on amputation and came across your story. I am also a survivor of a car accident that happened 5 years ago where my ankle was shattered. For the past 5 years I feel like I have been in a revolving door of surgeries and recovery. I just received some news that my ankle is not healing and I will need more surgery, with amputation being the front runner. I normally don’t get on blogs and try and contact people. But, I figured you would understand my situation and maybe answer a few questions I have. I don’t know anyone who has had an amputation and my family although supportive don’t understand what I am going through. I look forward to hearing from you and would appreciate it greatly. Thank you.

  3. N.G.Simon says:

    Couldn’t agree more! Today’s greens didn’t help Eldred today, but Stricker and Kelly sure had a good time!
    Hope you get the pain issues solved,once and for all!

  4. Terry says:

    Sorry the pain is not under control yet. As I am getting close to the 50 mark my pain seems to be increasing in knees, hips, and back. The years of golf and other sports with the Polio in my right leg are starting to take there toll. If you find anything that really works let me know. I am a Pro at Hever Castle Golf club in Hever, Kent Englans now, mostly teaching but still trying to play a handful of events a year. All the best Terry (jr.)

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