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KG’s Blog Post #120 – 8/27/11 1:24pm (Waiting on Irene)

Waiting on Irene to send CT & its liberal nuts to the swimming pool. Just so you don”t think I”m being biased, the few conso brains will join them too!

I”ve missed my plane back to good ‘ole hot-as-hell Florida, so I”m stuck watching it rain for a couple of days. I think I”m turning into an animal with keen sensors as a storm approaches, because my leg is going insane along with my head.

So now that I”m ragging, I might as well bitch about 3 things that have come to me. 1) Barclays & Fibchem – how on earth do they even play this event this week & if they must, what idiot didn”t at least start this event earlier?  It”s that simple. Sure the rich spoiled ones might have time to hop on their private jets & get the hell out of horrorville, but what about the ordinary people, fans, volunteers, employees etc. – the lack of common sense is scary.

The next thing my drug filled body wants to say is I was told by a reliable person that a top exec at the USGA when asked what they were planning to do to help promote golf was this: we are not in the business of promotion, our job is to run tournaments. Holy online casino games ship a cow. When is the light going to go on with the powers to be in golf! Condoms aren”t for sex, dogs lick themselves because they do want to get clean, we buy new putters because we love the way were putting.

The 3rd thing I wanted to bitch about – I”ve already forgotten. When my body goes like this, I can”t even think like a human. Well, I do know the power just went out & when you get this the storm may have actually passed, but it”s good for you to know what my delirious thoughts were before I go swimming. If not, it was probably bull anyway. It was the bulk of the blog though.

Be good,


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  1. Brenda Roberts says:

    I enjoy your ragging and bitching and delirious thoughts and bulling…AND, your forgetting…I do that a lot!

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