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KG’s Blog Post #121 – 8/28/11 4:30pm (Hurricane Shot Memories)

Quick blast in memory of bitchy babe Irene. I still haven”t remembered what my other thought was, but I was reminded of a time when The Kid (Craig Thomas) & Sue (my old flame that I screwed over in my depressed state in 1999 – she has forgiven me, I”m glad to say) went to the ocean as another storm was coming in. Not sure that was so smart either. Anyway, we went down to the beach and teed up a 5-wood and hit it has hard and high has I could physically do. The classic shot was that I got one ball to land 10 yards behind us! That”s amazing considering with no wind I could hit that style shot about 180 or so.

The house of the Norwegian squeeze I”m staying with managed to lose no power and one monster tree in her yard. There is, however, a huge hole that they will be able to find me in case I pull the trigger & stuff myself in there. The storm managed to crucify my leg. Even after 2 years, it amazes me how it just sends me to pure agony.

I”m heading back to Florida has soon casino online as possible to go see my prosthetic man and work on some new ideas for golf & leg. I”ve conjured up another brilliant plan in my simple brain to try and make golf easier.

Glad to see my cousin’s man Johnson picked up a win at the Barclays.

It”s sad to say this, but without that psycho ex-wife of mine he would have a total different job. If she hadn”t forced me into firing my sister (another stupid decision by me) – he then became my caddy and then Couple’s caddy & so forth. I”m surprised she hasn”t thought of suing him for some sort of royalties. Some

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good does comes out of evil hearts.


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