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KG’s Blog Post #122 – 9/9/11 12:35am (New foot, Billionaires, Bowling)

Another week of bonding with the dogs has put me over the edge. You know that you’ve lost it when you have more fun trying to determine which dog is farting you out of the bed. The female, Dream, is a mini-fartmare.

I’ve improved in the leg pain area compared to the Irene blast, but my head has come back screaming – zero sleep last night.

The really good news is that we are going to try a new smaller than before foot. I mere sixe 3 in kid world. My pecker is now longer than my right foot. I’ve only been able to hit balls on the simulator that my prosthetic man has at his office, but I’m encouraged that the lower side seems to be moving

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from right to left better. I will hit some tomorrow and find out. I’m in a mini-panic because I’m running out of ideas to get this thing right. The other good thing about this small foot is that now I can clearly kick someone in the ass and stick the target.

After watching the president speak I ask this – we have a cap in the football & basketball world. Why don’t we have a capitalistic cap? Does Gates really need 50 billion? Let’s cap him at 3 billion and then the rest goes to the employees, charity, schools or me. Buffet has been trying to bang up this donate half of your billions when you go belly down (why’s it called belly up?) – why doesn’t a 80 year old man just do it now? Is he afraid he can’t survive on 20 billion? My liberal friends will pike when they read I’m preaching a demo view. I listened to that Pickens billionaire tonight while watching the game (I think it was him) – he said something I thought was disgusting: “you should always do what’s best for you, period”. Ouch that might explain why many people aren’t too happy with the mega rich. So when he was preaching how he was going to create this green idea of energy with wind, solar & all that other stuff because he was trying to help the USA, he really meant he thought he was going to make a few billion more off of America.

Well, that’s enough poison spit for now but I sure hope I don’t run into Finchem with my new baby boy, because I would have no choice but to see how accurate this boy could be. I also came to the conclusion that people are too technical on putting. The time you putt your best at our level is when you don’t think much at all and here is the beauty – I firmly believe that when your personal life is going really well you putt your best. I know that is true for me and Tiger clearly seems to fall into this theory, and I would love to sit down and ask the other great putters when they were going through a bad stretch how their personal world was going. I’m a borderline genius. It’s not easy being me

My newly formed bowling team has won all 6 games to start out our year. Nips Haven team consists of a one legged pyscho, a Jew, Canadian Larry legend Walker, A Saint, and a Boston lover (not right I know) 228-185-168-224-169-188 so far. I suck, I use to be good at that too!

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