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KG’s Blog Post #124 – 9/28/11 6:32pm (Pres.Cup, Cuz as Tiger’s new caddy)

I once again must put foot in my mouth simply ‘cause I’m tired of putting my finger in it and throwing up. It used to be I threw if I got shot-faced. This time it’s from me being me and sick.

The picks on the Pres. Cup were very unfortunate for justice. I will say that Fred has the right to do what he pleases, and that it will have no impact on the team’s chances of winning or losing. Both Keegan Bradley and Bill Hass are very good players. What I’m pissed at is the fact that Fred refuses to tell the truth (my version at least).  I heard him say that Bill was obviously playing well and it was tough, but let’s be open for a minute. When he won, it gave him the chance to go with Hass over Bradley. I believe that because of his friendship with Jay Hass and Fred went that way when the door was opened.  I say, just say it that way.

Let’s try to figure out how in world, when the players and media have put the majors has the only important events to win, how do you leave off a guy [Bradley] who won a major and yet another tournament this year? Fred also said well it was a 2-year qualifying and that’s probably a reason why he didn’t make the team. Well, if it’s so important to be playing well right now, why is last year any part of it?  I actually thought it was this year only, but I’m a dope anyway. Also it’s irrelevant how someone is playing right now ‘cause the Cup is 7 weeks away. Ship, Tiger might be playing well by then.

The picks that Norman took were a no brainer. He is not exactly in love with Vijay and the Aussies, Baddeley & Allenby, were a lock to be on the team. He went and gave this reason why he went with these guys, instead of just saying hello world I’m an Aussie, they are Aussies, and were playing in Australia so it was easy.  I guess my philosophy of just telling you how it is is still dead as dead in the world.

Some of you know that my cousin Joe now has the bag of Tiger and I want to tell you that he will be a great fit for Tiger for 3 main reasons. First is that he knows what he’s doing, secondly, he knows when to say something and when not to – I believe this is the best quality a caddy can have and that it’s just a knack some have and some don’t. I clearly fall in the “I don’t know when to say it or what to say”. The 3rd is that he is extremely loyal and Tiger needs that.

Take care and be good,


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  1. Brenda Roberts says:

    I’ll agree wid dat!

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