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KG’s Blog Post #125 – 10/12/11 8:49pm (Dog desires, Bowling=>192)

Well, Munch, Knight, and Dream are looking at me like they are horny and I’m the prize. So I decided to bore them with another blog of doom.  I must confess that I feel weirder than normal because I’m not so keen on writing about me when I really have nothing to say. I was sternly told I need to blog, so being the puppy dog who doesn’t want to be made a prize, I’m obeying.

If I can’t say something about my golf or golf in general, I’m not sure you guys want to listen to me whine. I will say that my leg pain has been somewhat better and the constant electric laser bolts have dropped in intensity, although they are still there. My forking head is a nightmare.

Our bowling team is currently in first place and my average is 192, a mere 28 less than it was with 2 legs. I was really good at 2 things and now I’m just fair. That sucks by the tail by the way.

This next statement might be a little too much info, but I have not much up there at the moment. If I’m repeating myself I’m sorry.  Do u know that since the accident and this electric bolt therapy that every time I go to the bathroom I get surges of pain. That sucks too. How does my body do this? I mean 2 1/2 years of this crap. I have run into some amputees with the electric shock stuff, but not one has had the pain elevated while do the p&s stuff.

Oh, for you Nip members, I’m willing to order you some balls or clubs at 10% over my cost if you wish to treat yourself or someone to Xmas gifts. The 10% profit will be put into the Nip Haven account. Ping & TaylorMade are your choices that I can get for you.  I will limit this to the first 20 people, ‘cause I don’t want to overload my luck. I think I’ve given you guys my email ( kjg85@pgatour.com ) or just contact us.

Be good,


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