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KG’s Blog Post #127 – 11/1/11 6:19pm (Edison regrouping, Halloween)

I’m forking pissed!!!  Edison has failed, and I had so much hope. I sent my guru, Peter Kostis, my swings that I made off the mat from the prosthetic office.  He said that I actually had some hit & movement from hitting down on the ball and that my right side was moving to the left for the first time since that day of ugliness.  The new invention was working.  Then, Hurricane Ellenore struck.  On the course, it just didn’t work. The idea is sound, but we must go back & figure out how to get it to work on the course, not only on a firm mat surface.  They invented a pill to work when our peckers were peckless, so we will come up with a way to get this foot to work.  I’m so impatient it’s frightening.

Now that I’m in a state of perfect harmony, I have no choice but to destroy some. First up are the sports writers. I just watched the “around the horn” & first take show. I’m disgusted with these know-it-all guys thinking that they are the Kardashians.  They insult without having any clue what they are doing.  I’m going to give ESPN a call and go take on that insult of a human sports writer “scoopy boobless” aka skip bayless guy.  The Kardashians are my idols!  How can you not respect a family that has risen from the sewer to the upper class sewer?  You know you have hit the lottery when rats won’t even stay in the same sewer with you.  Money makes people do disgusting things. I guess I should applaud them for at least screwing the world over has a family.

Rafi Torres, the hockey guy, is getting hammered for dressing up as Jayz – wow, you can’t even have fun on Halloween anymore.  It’s insensitive they say – insane.

I have some shirts left over, so I’m going to give you a shot at another Nip Haven shirt if you so desire. I have carolina blue, red, and navy that I would like to get rid of before I get ready for next year’s new ones.  The Xmas special is $40 for shirt & hat.  No brainer!!

Thanks for letting me release my frustration. I’m so forking pissed. By the way we are now taking care of 8 animals – going slow, but it’s a start.


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