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KG’s Blog Post #129 – 11/19/11 7:41pm (President’s Cup Commentary)

Quick early notes on the President’s Cup. First, I would like to say that Norman & Couples and tourn. setup made a huge error for the wind-blown 2nd. They know the wind is coming, and yet they don’t reset the pins to give the players a real chance. You have no idea how hard it is when the wind blows that hard on greens that are like rocks.  Simply figure out the wind and change every hole to the easiest pin, it would still be insanely hard. If any error should be made, you want them to have a chance at birdies. A Big 4-putt. I’m writing this as the USA has a pretty big lead going into the afternoon of the 3rd.  Johnny miller has lost his marbles, no other way to say it. I also feel that any captain choice must be made to sit out at least one match – mandatory. The Top10 deserve to be rewarded.

Webb Simpson has had a great year and the dopey announcers insinuate that the caddy is responsible for him being 1 1/2 shots better in his scoring average. How about he just played great and give him the credit? They also made a big deal of the speed changes in every round. Bull dong. These are the best and we are used to playing different speeds all the time. They deserve soap in the you-know-where.

Miller loves to say that it’s the pressure when a guy screws up a few shots. Has it ever occurred to him that somedays, you just don’t have it?  How did he ever lose a tournament in his heyday?  He was an insanely good ball striker, but can you image what he would say about himself today the way he putted? He was just a bad putter as pros goes. Sometimes that’s how it goes in this game. The quote that is pure stupidity out of a golf announcer who said, “I think he would like to make it!” That’s like saying I’d like to have my leg back.  I hope the Internationals comeback and make it close, otherwise it’s a dull boondoggle. But I can’t wait to hear the quotes out of Miller if it’s a blowout.


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