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KG’s Blog Post #130 – 11/21/11 9:08pm (Presidents, Upcoming Surgery)

Sorry it took me so long to respond to the end of The Cup. There was some really good golf and way too many ugly shots. However, that’s why we all play. We all suck, it’s just a question of what level of suck we are located. I will say, it’s good to see Couples mix with the fans and the media, he was pitiful in his heyday.

I’m not so sure I can say to many good things on the Norman front though. I think I heard that they are lobbying for more picks. His picks the past 2 years are from Buddha Buttkicker. If you earn your way on the team over the qualifying time, you go battle.

Sometimes you are on and other days you’re not. Much like diarrhea, sometimes you are solid and sometimes you simply are the wet willy wiper. I’m tired of the media thinking that a player (any sport) can turn a switch and be superhero. I will stick with golf, if it was that easy Jack would have 30, Tiger 25, Hogan 24, me 1.

I will say that it’s a shame that the PGA of America won’t adopt some of the ideas that are used by the Presidents Cup though. Ego, vanity, pride and stupidity run amuck in our world. The classic would be match-ups, pick who plays who. The whole world would rather see that, even Mr Munch. Sitting 4 every match is a disgrace also. The bare minimum should be 2 only. Both sides are very deep now, so it shouldn’t matter. It’s a shame that some guy plays his balls off & then the heroic captain sits him till the singles, and also expects him to be the team cheerleader.   The other thing that is political bull dong: the fact that they never go to the great track that know one knows. The next 2 cups are at Medinah and Muirfield. Holy no ship batman.

Now here is a Ken green special: if you really want to find out who is really a great swinger of the ball, I suggest you have one best-ball match each day where they are allowed to use only 7 clubs. The captain will have to decide very early and tell his 2 players to figure it out. Then the truly worker of the ball will be found. The loser of that match gets to set up a rematch for dollars down the road. I’m also a believer that every pro event should be limited to only 10 clubs. Make your brain and skill a factor again. We hacks can use whatever we want. Enough of that ship.

We have rescued 2 more dogs from the death walk. These two, Storm & Ria, are German Shepards and will both be staying with me. They are both gentle souls, but my lovely Munch has a little ugly demon in him and has yet to accept them. Time will heal this. He is not too fond of the muzzle that I make him wear when he is around them. I had to break up a fight where the only one hurt was me. Go figure, blood flowed for hours and munch licked it for hours too.

I will be having surgery soon in hopes of eases this world of forking ugly I live in! I’m positive it will work.  I look forward to being a human on a daily basis instead of every third day. Two zombie, one human. I should apply for a role on Walking Dead series. Maybe that hot chick can blow my head off.


2 Responses to “KG’s Blog Post #130 – 11/21/11 9:08pm (Presidents, Upcoming Surgery)”

  1. Tom Briggum says:

    I hope that works for you and that the rehab process won’t be too long. Good luck.

  2. Hanne ho erg says:

    Interesting blog! I See your dog family is growing. It appears chance is not the only one with a problem! So Now you have 5 and the challenge remains” it is wonderful to be’ home, and semingly now i have to force my self back on a plane tris friday.
    Just a quick fyi, i wrote you an email tris morming. My phone is beyond dead until friday, when i land back in ny.
    When is your surgery.

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