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KG’s Blog Post #131 – 11/28/11 10:03pm (New NIPPER HAVEN Shirts, XMAS Special)

KG’s Blog Post #131 – 11/28/11 10:03pm (New NIPPER HAVEN Shirts, XMAS Special)

Hello good people. I’ve ordered a few more shirts in different styles just in case you might want to buy another one or two. These are the Golf Performance by Antiqua and are $7 more for me to buy. I’m only telling you this so you know that it’s a little better quality, although the other ones were also very good.

On the Men’s side, I have only 8 in each of 5 styles, L or XL.

For the Ladies, I have 8 in each of 2 styles, S, M, or L.

See the pictures below.

I didn’t want to get out of control, in case I can’t sell them. I’m still going to sell these for a Xmas Special of $50. We will make only $16, but I feel it’s important to use you guys as a step to bigger and better things down the road.  I’m a huge believer that when you sell something, both parties must come away happy or you don’t get many return buyers.

When I start feeling better after this surgery, I intend to really try and get this ball rolling and really make big strides.

I think I told you that I’ve rescued 2 Shepherds, and I must admit that Munch is not happy.  In a spoof out of SNL, the new one jumped our fence and snuck into the house via the back dog door, where I was feeding the usual three. All hell broke loose, my leg was only half on and when the fight broke out I was knocked to the ground and my leg went flying. Now picture me, the old fat one legged dude in the middle of a 3-way brawl. My face was teeth high and I was trying not to lose my face and break up the fight. I would like to say, I was heroic and pulled it off smoothly. Twelve holes later in my arm and body, I guess I was. Good news is they were fine. It happens, and I will just keep trying to blend them.  I didn’t get along with Finchem when I first met him, and look how close we are now. We are not the Brady bunch here. More like the Freddy Krueger family meal plan. Hope you like the shirts and hope you buy some.


We have 2 Ladies sytles, pictured together (S– M– L):

#L1: White/Red

#L2: Green/Blue

We have 5 Mens styles (L or XL):

#M1: White with Turquoise/Navy Stripes on sleeve & back

#M2: White with single Dark Blue Stripe on sleeve & shoulder

#M3: Black-Red-Ivory-Brown Stripes (dark)

#M4: Blue & Navy Stripes (dark)

#M5: White-Grey-Yellow Stripes (my favorite)





  1. Go to www.paypal.com and log in and click on SEND MONEY.
  2. Enter GreensDogHaven@gmail.com in the “TO” box, and $50 into the AMT box.
  3. Chg. To PERSONAL/GIFT – waives the Receiver 2.5% PayPal Fee! Click CONTINUE.
  4. Enter STYLE & SIZE (ex: L2 M) in the MESSAGE box at the bottom.  Also,  SHIP-ADDRESS (if different from PayPal info), email-address, and phone# in case any questions.

FYI, Paypal is free to the Sender – the Receiver pays a 2.5% Fee.  Great for buying things on Ebay.  Signup Free at www.paypal.com .


OR BUY VIA SENDING $50 CHECK (with STYLE & SIZE) Directly to Ken:

Green’s Dog Haven
11854 Orange Grove Blvd.
W. Palm Beach, FL 33411

ANY Questions, email Ken DIRECTLY at kjg85@pgatour.com

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