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KG’s Blog Post #132 – 12/3/11 9:45am (Today vs. Yesteryear)

Insanity, my brain! I played golf yesterday and did quite well. I’ve created a new grip that seems to really allow you to stroke thru the ball without the effort. A no-deceleration kind of stroke.

If it works for a couple weeks, I will let you all know about it. Sadly, I will have to charge you for it, as that’s what a good old fat American capitalist does. The good news is that the money will go to The Dogs and not my gut. It will be really cheap and will only take you 4 years of monthly payments.

Storms came rolling through just as we finished yesterday, and soon after the leg went haywire and hasn’t stopped yet. My first no sleep in month.

I was watching the Hong Kong Open, and it reminded me of the time I won that event many moons ago. I’ll never forget the skins game we had before the event. It was me, Langer, Ozaki and the local hero whom I’m sorry to say I don’t remember. Going into the last hole it was a 8-hole carry over. It’s a really good hole and even better back then (tech & distance now).  Well, Langer and Ozaki hit brutal tee shots and were basically out of the hole. It was me v hero. I hit a absolute push shank with a 5-iron to the far right side of the green. The pin was on the front left so I was only about 80 feet. The young man hit a good shot, but came up a tad short put it was an easy chip of only 30 feet. In an awkward sense of sly sportsmanship, they elected to let him go first and put the pressure on me, I guess. So, if you get a chance to watch it try and see how hard this putt is, because besides the length it also has a ridge. He chipped it to tap in range so I was praying for a par and a playoff.  I hit this bonzi putt and waited for the damn thing to stop rolling. 50 seconds later, it dropped into the hole. Scary lucky, I’ll never forget the crowd, who was obviously pulling for their guy, didn’t make a sound for about 10 seconds, and then they realized it and started to clap. I stunned them.

Now I’m watching the South Africa event, I don’t watch the old guys too much because it kind of hurts knowing I should be out there. You would think I would be over that by now, but I just can’t help myself. Those greens down there might have been the best I’ve ever putted on. This was 20 years ago too, and they were that good. One of these days I may open my mouth and tell some stories about my adventures down there, there were some classic stories.

I heard Tiger and many others talk about releasing the putter and that you must do that to putt well. Bull dong from elephant bong! Putting is 98% 3 things and all great putters do this.

1) Reading

2) Control of speed

3) Confidence

IT’S THAT SIMPLE. I’ve seen people with great one & twos but no threes. Today’s greens are so good, the stroke is irrelevant (besides the ugly of ugly).

On a side note, there has been some discussion on who is the best short game guru of golf. They say Tiger, Phil and I say they are indeed great but I want you to think about this first. What people forget is that because today’s greens are so good and roll so consistently, it’s is much much easier to be consistent day after day. This next thought also applies to putting too.  Seve and Watson didn’t have that benefit back in the late 70’s, 80’s, and early 90’s. Back then, you had greens that were bumpy and the spike marks were all over the place. I know it seems like I’m being picky, but when you chipped, the ball would do all sorts of skids, turns, stop and it was whacky how weird your bounces were. This didn’t happen all the time but it affected many chips.

Another point that makes my case is this: every pro now is pretty good around the greens and that was not the case in yesteryear.  You had to be so precise then. Seve had the best hands in the game, period.

Be good, and I’m just kidding about charging you if my idea works, maybe.

Not a huge rush on shirts, so I guess my choice of shirts are not so good. I know it’s not the price.

[ http://www.kengreenscomeback.com/tracking-kgs-comeback/kens-new-nipper-haven-shirts-christmas-2011-special ]

I can light up the city of West Palm with all this electricity in my body right now.  Holy fork bat cow.


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  1. N.G.Simon says:

    Calc did you proud yesterday!! must be the added girth!!!

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