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KG’s Blog Post #133 – 12/14/11 1:15pm (Stuck In My Room, The Intl.)

I’m stuck in my room, as I’m being punished for violating the rules, again.  So, I have no choice but to spit out useless words of wisdom. Why does a president always say may God bless you and the USA. I’m of the belief that it should be the other way around. May we bless God. We should be blessing him for giving us the chance to be a success or failure as a person, either way it’s a win.

I’m stuck in bed due to rashes that will not allow me to put on my leg by the way. Part of this nasty world I’m living, one more day (been 3) and I should be good to go.

Do you know that my mom once saw a psychic who said I would be going to a new area where there are mountains and that I would come away as the winner.  She told her this before the news broke that we would be going to playing at Castle Pines and the International.  I won the first one.

I’m not so sure I shouldn’t have won the 2nd, as John Cook never signed a scorecard and should have never been playing the final round. (truth be told is that I don’t know if the person who should have been playing would have beaten me, but I’m guessing no.  The sad thing is that the tour made the decision when they found out, not sure when but a year or so – there is no doubt in my mind that their personal opinion of me was a factor in not doing the right thing. This was also right in the time of the PING lawsuit that I was a part of. Add it up and it smells. It has turned out to cost me dearly, as one of the reasons the Tour said I was not given my year back was because I was not fully exempt in that I was potentially not eligible for every event.  If I had a 6th win, I would have been ahead of the other 2 who had 5 wins and would have been “fully guaranteed”.  

Another strange twist of lies from the Tour is this: another reason they gave me was that they didn’t want to add me to the field because they didn’t want to go to 81 or more players in the field. Just keep it at 78. They have just approved an amendment and decided to play with 81 players, so now they can give more spots to the open qualifiers.  I’m very happy they have done this – it’s the right thing to do – please don’t misunderstand me and I’m not ripping the players as much as the top of the chain. The players have helped me in many ways, and they are the ones responsible for me being able to get my new ‘I Walk’ foot that is fantastic for moving around. Mike Reid is the one who started the ball rolling for the 2nd year of Pro-Am money going to me.

The costs for my up keep is stupid expensive – insurance companies are brutal on what they cover for prosthetic care. If you knew how many families can’t afford new leg for their kids, you would be amazed. Most companies only cover one leg and kids grow, so just add it up. I’ve said too much.

Have a merry Xmas Everyone,


2 Responses to “KG’s Blog Post #133 – 12/14/11 1:15pm (Stuck In My Room, The Intl.)”

  1. M. Sichel says:

    Ken, as a longtime CT fan of yours, I would love it you would collect all the golf wisdom in your blog (your views on all aspects of the game) and put them in a book. Of course I was wearing my KG hat today.

  2. N.G.Simon says:

    Merry Christmas,Ken..My aunt always told me,”keep your chin up,it makes it easier to hit!” Keep the faith&God Bless [and be blessed!]!

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