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KG’s Blog Post #134 – 1/3/12 6:36pm (Commentary on Commentators, 2012)

The days of doom are closer. If the Mayans are right, I don’t have much time left to perfect my real comeback. So I’m hoping that Mr. Pain-in-my-arse is going to greener pastures and I can see what it’s like to seek with a vengeance again.

So, most of you know I’ve been sitting on my butt recovering – I do that well, I may add. Anyway, besides losing my once powerful glutes (girls loved these things when I displayed them in public, I may add again), I was playing musical channels and hit the golf channel on some wishes for 2012. Now, because I’m feeling so much better I have no choice but to lambast them. I’m starting to think I need to go to work for them because they have lost it. I do believe that Palmer would not allow them to hire me because he’s afraid of my vocal chords – I am too.

Anyway, I’m confused how guys who used to be golfers turn into rambling dopes once they become “media”. Brandle Chamblee is a good guy, but he’s starting to catch the JM disease of liking to hear himself too much, and now he’s throwing in a little McCord and using vocabulary that normal people refuse to use. They are big on saying how it’s a big new global game. Understand this: golf survives because of the USA and nothing else. They are preaching ‘global golf’ because they cover it – it’s a self-serving goal.

Luke Donald had a wonderful year, but ask any player what he would want – two wins and the money title or 2 wins with one a major. The players need to make up their minds what they cherish the most, majors or pure consist golf.  Like yell majors, then bone Keegan. It must be male putt-a-pause. The Golf Channel loves the world rankings, so I think they should invent rankings for golf writers and TV reporters.

Luke stated he thought Rory had more natural talent than Tiger – holy ship he must be drinking out of the claret jug, wait, he must have been with d Claris house. That comment is like saying politicians are doing a great job. I like Rory, I do think his career will be fantastic, but there is no way you can compare to two at this stage, nor when he hits 35 I think. I hope Rory stays as Rory and doesn’t get stuffed into the right mode baloney. He’s a good man as he is. Now on that point, he is clearly better than Tiger.

I do believe that Lexi Thompson will be a dominant player and only she knows what is in her heart in terms of motivation. However, if she does have that spirit, she will rip Annika and all the other records from the books. I’m thinking of having a sex change: I’m already hitting it like a girl, I have no ass, I’m bald, so I can use a multitude of wigs and I can just go gay, as I’m not giving up women for men.

I’m not sure if there can be a better year for golf than last year when you think about all the different stories, but I hope they can followup in 2012, as I truly believe the game needs help. The powers to be and power players need to get off their selfish glutes and come up with a game plan to revive the game.

On a more important note, I’m hoping to hit some balls by the end of the month and then I will do a full press and see if the body can withstand daily golf. I had such high hopes that I was going to pull this off when the accident occurred, and I never ever thought that I would be put in prison for 2 years.

Do you know that my unique charm & personality doesn’t mix very well with a European beauty?  Those euros are on a different planet. I’m starting to understand why we left them way back when. But, because I’m such a love,r I’m going to keep working on her. We Americans are persistent, yes?

By the way my last bowling series before the knockout was a 738, 246 avg. Sweet momma!

Best in 2012 to all of you my friends,


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  1. N.G.Simon says:

    Ken,I akways felt my golf score was a good bowling score,and vice versa!

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