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KG’s Blog Post #135 – 1/15/12 5:15pm (Top 10 positives for being a Legless Wonder)

Top 10 positives for being a Legless Wonder…

10) I get to use the handicap parking spots

9) It’s much easier for me to roll over while in a sexual frenzy if you elect to alter the current position

8) Women don’t look at me as a threat but a nice sympathetic man who needs love

7) If I so desire I can bring Mr. Munch with me wherever I so desire

6) I am the best one legged bowler on the planet – 201 avg.

5) Spirits from the other side are talking to me now

4) I don’t have to get up and get out of bed in the middle of the night if I have to go pee wee, I just use the male urinal and then Munch flushes for me

3) Because I live on pain medicine I have an insane ability to remain very active while in the middle of love making which allows my girl to be happy for a long, long time (damn I phrased that so delicately don’t you think?)

2) I’ve been able to satisfy an urge to be a writer. All my life I wanted to be and simply had no skills or intelligence. Even though I still have none, I now have at last count 36 people whose days are now better when I release my inner thoughts

1) I am the best one legged golfer in the universe

Be good my friends,


4 Responses to “KG’s Blog Post #135 – 1/15/12 5:15pm (Top 10 positives for being a Legless Wonder)”

  1. gearold says:

    hey jim

    as well as several arm guys. normays dont know how well we can play lol
    see you guys at the nationals

  2. Jim Curley says:

    Hi Ken,

    Remember me? The amputee golfer physical therapist from Philly. Well, it’s been a long time since I posted on your blog because I left my last job and moved to Oregon last June. I guess I never changed my email address on your blog, so I stopped getting them. Anyway, I’m back!

    As for your top ten positives for being a legless wonder…you’ll have to come to the NAGA National Championships at the Brickyard in Indy this coming August to back up your #1 reason! There are some one-legged golfers that would love to prove that one wrong.

    Hope your doing well my friend. I look forward to conversing in the future.

  3. Ken,
    Love the post, but take exception to number 1. I suggest a duel on the links.
    I’ll be flying to Fla Saturday to play in the Daytona area. Perhaps LPGA in Daytona?
    Dave “the one legged doorman” Ferguson

  4. Brenda Roberts says:

    Pretty darn good.

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