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KG’s Blog Post #136 – 1/19/12 11:45pm (270; Saddle-Soon, Life’s Reward: Giving)

I’m straight back from rolling the ball like a pig in heat: 169-270-203.  It’s not awful, but I was feeling it. It’s like when you warm up on the range and you are puring it and you think you are going to rip the course apart. Then you go out and stink up the joint. Sometimes if you don’t settle your nervous energy down you will not do what you think you will.

So being as I’m wondering what to do to vent, I say speak stupid things Ken. “Not Gungrump”, who is running for the GOP spot to battle the holy one, has irked me today. First of all is character is flawed and we all know it. His ego is similar to all who are in the planets gift to the world, off the charts. His IQ is only 100 or so more than me but the issue I have is this. He made about $3.1 million gross last year. He donated less than 3% to charity. How on God planet can you be so thoughtless? I will not vote for him just for that alone, and I’m not at all a fan of the Obama policies. I live off the money my friends and strangers were kind enough to help me through this ordeal, until I can get back on track. I get 5 pills a month and this past year I gave 1/3 of it to help others. I’m not saying he should be giving 33% to others, but please tell me that’s brutal. I guess that Tiffany line is there for a reason.

It is my belief that it is my job to do whatever I can to help others, no matter how I do it. Either with money, golf, inspiration or anything else I come up with. I pray that I will always remember that I’m afloat because of kindness and I’m going to go out and return it in triple if I can. I will preach to any that they go that extra step and do just a little more than normal.

I received a bazooka shot in the head today for my blistering headaches and I’m very encouraged that we are going to see some results. I’m even more excited about the fact that if we do get relief, I might be able to get a freeze to this part of the head and that would be some sort of permanent relieve, a year or so. I’ve bitched enough about my double pain, so I’m trying to get away from that as I’m refocusing my game plan.

I will be allowed to swing again the first of the month, and am absolutely psyched. I can’t wait to go man v legless wonder to see if we can get better than what I am now. If I had to be honest, I would say I’m about 6 shots worse than I use to be (flat courses -hilly no chance).  My hope is to get it to 3. I will never be the same, but fork it I’m going to keep trying.

If you don’t want to receive any blogs please let me or Col know, as I don’t want to bore, insult, crudedme,(new KG word) or anything else.  I was scolded like the good old days for my Top10 blog, which means I had to take “bean demon” off my list. Waiting for Funny Tummychum to ask next.

On a serous point I just quickly bang out picks for the early birds and some may very well not want anything to do with my skills as a bloggolferleglessdude.

Be good my friends,


2 Responses to “KG’s Blog Post #136 – 1/19/12 11:45pm (270; Saddle-Soon, Life’s Reward: Giving)”

  1. Keifus Mathews says:

    Hey Ken by the way the name of the place was JB’s sport bar off of Kirkman ave…We had a blast that night? you remember the fun we had…..oh man what a great night, thanks for showing a brother some love…
    That my facebook account so you could see what I look like in case you don’t remember, but how could you not, we had a stoked time that night…..Hope to hear from you bro..

  2. Keifus Mathews says:

    Hey Ken
    Not sure you will remember me but we meet in Orlando one afternoon while I was eating Chicken Wings and throwing darts and you asked if you could join in..I wasn’t a golf fan then and didn’t realize who I was playing with until we got to playing some darts and having a few beers with you and a few or your friends, we had a great time and you even left me tickets for the Nestle invitational back in the day…I was a young Black handsome man who could play one helleva game of darts….haha
    Anyway hope all is getting better in your world, been following you since our meeting and hope our paths cross again one day soon….We need to play some more darts…

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