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KG’s Blog Post #137 – 2/19/12 2:43pm (The Important Things in Life)

It’s been awhile since I’ve spit out any logic or venom, so I’ve elected to reorganize and split the middle. I’ve said little because I hate talking too much when it’s not regarding golf. Very few want to hear my views on life, so I try to refrain, all be it with little success.

I’ve just started golfing again and we will see if we are doing better. I’m scared, if truth be known, because if it doesn’t help much the prospect of playing real golf is slim. I desperately need the tension out of my body to have a chance to play good golf.

I have to confess that I despise Valentine’s Day. I have never gifted anyone with a symbol of my love. I do creative things all year and the thought that I’m told to do it annoys me to no end. Mother’s Day and Father’s Day fall in the same boat. If you don’t appreciate them the other days, you are not a good person.

Phil played great round to win the AT&T event and Tiger played poorly. Things go in cycles – we had 3 straight weeks where someone fell apart. Hard to figure how and why, but that’s golf.  Jump as I do, the tension issue is a huge part of golf, I firmly believe that when Tiger becomes happy with himself and his life, he will start to putt close to how he used to. Putting is simply about faith, when you are as good as we are. Of course, sometimes you are doing something physically wrong, but that’s is easy to fix. The difference then is simply how much confidence you have in yourself, which in a way is a byproduct of how happy and content you are in your life. It’s kind of like whether you believe in the other side as in God and the afterlife, or you don’t. Life is easier when you do, and it’s pure nightmare if you’re an atheist and crap things keep happen. I know, bizarre analogy.

I’m playing in a couple of small events in the next few weeks and it will be interesting to see how the body reacts and if the swing is calmer. I played yesterday and was psyched because I had a new putter and had come up with a new idea. On the practice green, I made every putt and on the course I was pathetic. That’s the brain going haywire, I actually was to excited or tried too hard, and it backfired big time. That’s the key to understanding your brain. When you are at your calmest, you will play better. If you figure out how to do that, you will become the next gazillioaire.

Mike Reid has asked me to play with him in the Legends golf event this year [Apr. 20-22 Savannah http://www.pgatour.com/tournaments/s504 ]. I told him I was still just fair and I didn’t want to prevent him from possibly keeping his card as he is not exempt for life like some. He said to me that the friendship we had developed was far more Important than money, and that if he couldn’t make it in the other 24 events he’d play poorly in and that’s the way it is. I’m once again stunned and honored that he would do that for me and our friendship.  It’s a great feeling when you know someone understands the meaning of life. So now it’s up to the powers that be and give me (us – Mike is already exempt) an exemption. I really hope it works, and believe it will. No one knows how much it means to me to play inside the ropes. I can’t figure out why it means so much even.

Best to All,


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  1. jay says:

    it has been a real treat to see you in savannah these past two years. i am definitely hoping to see you there again this april!!!

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