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KG’s Blog Post #139 – 4/4/12 6:13pm (KG’s Masters Memories)

Masters Memories…


Being as that we are in full bloom this week with the azaleas and Augusta, I thought I would babble on about a few memories.


1- The 16th hole skip shot in practice rounds that all seem to give it a try now was started by yours truly (goal is to skip and keep on the green – Calc and I used to play 100 whip out if the shot was pulled off)


2- The kids caddying in the Wed. Par3 was also starters by me – in fact I got a letter asking me not to do it again and now they actually make uniforms up for the little guys & girls


3- I may be the only participant to have to sneak members of your family into Augusta via the floor and trunk


4- Hord Hardin, ex-chairmen, once told a CBS member, “that Ken Green is a pain in my ass”


5- People think I don’t like the Masters, but it’s the powers at be that disgusted me, not the event. The event is awesome – today’s chairmen seems to be a better fit but they still think they are God’s chosen people


6- I have more fines from Augusta than anywhere – it was like they had officials all over the place and shazam, as soon as I did something shaky I was flagged. Some were legit I may add.


7- Augusta power to be once told to get a better control on my wife. Fat chance on that one


8- I once hit my 3rd shot out of the water on 13 and as I was hitting the ball there was a rush of water that came from the back end, and my club touched the water on my backswing. Before I had a chance to even say something to my partners, the official camping running down to tell me that I touched the water with my club. It was like it was a planned release of some water from their damn system and they wanted to nail me to the post. I also once hit it out of the woods on 13 from the back left area, after I pulled hooked my 3-Wood into the azaleas. I elected to hit the shot and had to move away from the area and take many whacks at the azaleas to see if I could actually get the club through the flowers. After about 10 different whacks I went over and hit the shot out and actually hit a good shot. I however left immense carnage of the azalea clan. I actually felt bad. That night they had replaced every one I destroyed, and it looked like I was never there.  I being the clueless wonder never even thought that was possible.


9- I’ve had the low round of the day there twice


10- I’ve had without a doubt the best one day of putts ever at Augusta. It was stupid crazy how long and how many putts I made in my very first round at Augusta. I was tied for the lead and I was asked if I would be nervous as this was my first round and the lead and all that good ship. I said, no I have no chance I’m hitting it like a pig and it has nothing to do with nerves when I slip from the lead.



4 Responses to “KG’s Blog Post #139 – 4/4/12 6:13pm (KG’s Masters Memories)”

  1. mark senecal says:

    i love the insight Ken…i remember that round one of putting…awesome! The best Ken Green memory i have was the Greater Greensboro comeback….heartbreaking extra hole loss…after what seemed to be a sure victory…the very next year …it was like give me my motherfing trophy…and check that i should have won last year…Kenny …that was a balls to wall comeback…that’s the stuff i think we all love…that’s competitive fire!

  2. N.G.Simon says:

    Bubba did it,just went and played golf!!!Ha! Ha! Phil,Rory,and Eldred!!!

  3. N.G.Simon says:

    interesting so far,still could be a crap shoot,I wish Freddy had a better day!

  4. Brenda Roberts says:

    Interesting read.

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