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KG’s Blog Post #14 – 9/2/09 10:48pm

Hello Sept Swan Songers,

Red Sox stink!!! still. I just found out that people actually post comments on the Danbury News Times on the internet about the article done on me. There are some serious people with issues. Down right mean spirited people. However, they are entitled to their own thoughts. They just be wrong.

Well sadly I must say I’ve been sidelined for about 10 days now. The left ankle has gone on strike. Plus, there is no sign of a truce any day soon. Double sad is I made an attempt to swing an 8 (I had on hiking boots with my ankle brace also) (I know dumb) plastic ball and proud to say my first swing was a bloody shank.  I then went swimming – extra laps for stupidity.

I’m really excited about going to CT. and seeing all my friends and the torneo – corny but true.

The Alaskan Gov to be is back & handling my blogging now. Thank dearly to Hanna from Danbury for helping while he was stumping. I should be his stump mat.e

I do believe I’m mentally ill.


5 Responses to “KG’s Blog Post #14 – 9/2/09 10:48pm”

  1. steve tantillo says:

    Kenny–please except my deepest condolences. I don’t, didn’t know what to say, so I said nothing, but know I am thinking of you all the time. There is not many days that go by that I do not tell the story of you and Nip — I was pulling for you on the tour, and Thorpie was telling me you were getting it togther with comfidence, and about to break out–he predicted you would win this year…and we both think you still will!

    Take care my friend, I just found out about the event on Sept 28th, Lake of Isles will put a 4 some in, no worries, and maybe I can get that old Foxwoods to help also.

    Get better soon, and you are very correct about the RED SOX.

    Take Care,

    Steve Tantillo
    Lake of Isles

  2. Todd Peterson says:

    Hi Ken,

    For starters I’m praying for your recovery and hopefully a return to the Champions Tour. God speed to your recovery.

    A family member of mine is an amputee as well. The recovery with the prosthetic issues as well as the rest of the body – which doesn’t always cooperate – is a series of ups, downs, ins and outs. Never a dull moment!

    As to the trolls posting at the Newstimes, I’ve been posting and sniping back at them (posting as Todd Peterson – 06794). Futile perhaps, but I’ve tried to smack these people down if only in the digital universe.

    I’m the guy who got the letters published in the Litchfield County Times and New Milford Spectrum. I sent copies of them to Kevin afterwards. My family is delighted at how the tournament is shaping up. Professional golf is putting its best foot forward here – no pun intended!.

  3. Dick Lallos says:

    Thanks for the call, it was good to hear from you. I will talk to you before we leave for Japan. Sorry about missing Danbury but will get together in West Palm, have a good one. RAL

  4. Tom Batewell (Fort Mill, SC) says:

    Hey Ken – good to hear from you.

    I saw some of those same comments and agreed they are out in left field, as you say they are entitled to their opinions. Clearly there were some super positive comments that hopefully continue to inspire you. My Dad sent me down the article and I found it on the internet as well; pictures are great visual to see what you are working on.

    We’ll have to give your left angle some slack, it’s not used to carrying all the work…it’ll get better.

    Hang in there….I am hoping my work schedule holds up to where I can take a couple of days off and make it up to the Ridgewood, currently it looks good but could change.

    Tom in Fort Mill

  5. Flo says:

    Hey, Ken: Hang in there, my friend. Take your time and don’t rush things. It has only been less than three months since you were hurt. I know you want to get going but sometimes you have to be patient. Remember, we love you!!

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