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KG’s Blog Post #15 – 9/5/09 12:05pm

My Friends,

Quicker than any of you thought, is this new blog – I’m really bored & have barely gotten out of bed.  Not that you guys are third thought or anything.  I”m getting pretty pissed at my stumped leg, as the nerve pain has comeback full force.  I guess it’s good for my tears ducts to get some practice in.

It sounds like the Danbury tournament is coming along really well, and i can”t say how nice it feels to have the friends that I do who are put so much of their time and money into something that is helping me.

I can”t tell you how honored I”ve felt when people i do not even know have offered me a puppy that was coming from their litters in the past month or so.  Due to my incapacity, I have not been able to accept.  A person who I played with 17 years ago recently just called about some German Sheppard’s that were available at the end of the month.  Yupem – u guessed it – something tells me that this is the one, so I”m gona have a new member of the family soon.

I must now decide on a name – so if anyone has any thoughts fire them in – only one thought -one syllable only – it”s easier on dog.

Be good my friends,

21 Responses to “KG’s Blog Post #15 – 9/5/09 12:05pm”

  1. Craig says:

    How about Damn, think of the possibilities.

  2. Manny says:

    I admire your you toughness. Here I thought I had it bad and you taught me a lesson. I almost lost my leg also in an accident, same right one. Two doctors were ready to amputate but the third doctor decided to save my leg. It took almost 3 years to finally heal and play again and try to qualify for tournaments. Here I see you and your determination is awesome. You’ll be back and I know it. It’s amazing what this game will do to us at this level. It’s life, we don’t give up on it or the game.
    Take Care

  3. Roger & Gail Renn says:


    We were shocked to hear about all of this. You are in our thoughts and prayers. You WILL play again. Just remember you have to walk first before you start to run. You will get through this and a be champion again. Good name for a dog … Champ.
    Take Care
    Roger & Gail

  4. Bob Carbone, Danbury, CT says:


    I’m sure you will come up with a good name, something personal and meaningful for you and what you have been through.
    But if I had to suggest a name just for the hell of it, I would suggest “HAP”, short for happy, something you deserve to become after all you have suffered.
    Looking forward to seeing you soon.


  5. Richard White says:

    Dogs name…. SPIN What you want the ball to do when it hits the green and is Nips backwards.

  6. Vee says:

    Sarge : Let this be said. The last ” Shamrock ” Green had. He wore a hole in it. As a matter of fact, I believe he played it on tour in his early days. ( it was a wedge)And , needless to say, he was deadly with it.

  7. sarge says:

    With respect to the former Nips I would suggest the new name should be from the club that inspired the term Newberry Nip and call the dog Shamrock

  8. sarge says:


    In honor of Nips past I think you should name the new dog after the club that inspired the term Newberry Nip and call the dog Shamrock

  9. package says:

    Hello pro..how about Dog…or Pack…

  10. McElbee says:

    How about “Vee” which interprets into “The Schnooot”. By the way Vee, you and Howie (the husky guy) next weekend. Tough team!!!

  11. Flo says:

    How about Duke, Deuce, Thor, Ace or Huck ?? Whatever you name him, he will be the luckiest puppy in the world.

  12. Vee says:

    Could be Blog, Pup, or Shep………. Maybe Chip. Knowing you, it could be ” Nip ” ( The Third )


  13. Deborah Homan says:

    Hey Ken-
    I think “Star” will be appropriate for a female Then, I think “Jet” or “Troop” will be fitting for a male-all reflective of their master.
    My nursing compadres think you should pick a male and name him “Buck”.

    Then, of course, if you decide on a two-syllable name, please consider “Kiddo”-which is my personal fave.
    Keep your chin up and rest that ankle… nurses’ orders!!!

  14. Colonel says:

    KG, I liked “Ace” until I saw “Lucky” and “Stump”. – Col.

    BTW, I hereby challenge you and your new Yapper to a friendly game of ‘Rollovers’ against our Yorkie Abby (voice-only, no pushing or touching the Yapper – Yapper has to do 5 consecutive Rollovers within 8 secs. – hate to tell U, but Abby can do it ). Anywhere you want to do it. I’ll give U 6 months to train, and we’ll take U on. Loser buys the Winner’s Yapper a years supply of joint treats.

  15. Tim O'Connor says:


    How about naming the mutt after last year’s Westminster champ, “Stump.” It could be Stump II.

    Tim O’Connor

  16. I am so happy to hear this~There is nothing that gives more hope and Love then a puppy!
    I like “Chance” too ( then again I am a bit fond of this name for personal reasons ;)
    Keep strong and brave and keep those tears coming..healthy
    Love always

  17. NZ says:

    One syllable …..Chance. I think thats a great name for the puppy. The first time I saw you was at Westchester CC 1990. They announced you with the years earnings, asked if it was correct and you added, “and six cents.” I became a fan then.

  18. Gary Perkinson says:

    “Shank” or “Top” would make good German Shepherd names….

  19. Larry Walker ( the old one) says:

    Ken, I believe that the new puppy’s shpuld be “Lucky” because he is certainly the luckiest puppy alive to have you as his new family.
    Larry(old one)

  20. Flo says:

    Hi Ken: Just read your new blog–wish I could help with the pain–I have sent Col a bunch of e-mail addresses to add to the site. I am taking care of registration for the Breakers Tournament. Barbara Redmond will help–she helped me with the Buoniconti Tournaments and Mike Mordecai’s Partners for Preemies.
    Have you seen Gary Hooks??
    Things will get better for you, I know !!
    We love you and care about you.

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