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KG’s Blog Post #16 – 9/14/09 9:03pm

Hello my friends of snap lore,

I have interesting and fascinating news to tell you all. I finally got out of bed and walked a bit. I was seeing a doctor who is trying to find the “spot” in my spinal cord that is controlling the nerve pain in my leg. There are 4 locations in the spinal cord so it is a process. After we locate the spot, we will inject it 4 or 5 times and kill the nerve that has been causing me so many tears. Sounds simple, but it will be a trial, and luck will be needed.

That was done on Friday, and then on Saturday I elected to play some golf at Breakers. Not sure why but i did – 9 holes from the reds (they are so lucky to be way up there). It was a comical disaster. I was awful at best and wow do i have a long way to go. I flushed an 8-iron and it went 120 yards – ouch, so short. My short game was its usual self and shot 3 over. I was ecstatic to be out there but this will be a battle.

Stan, my protho guru, fitted me today with a new liner and tomorrow a new socket which will make it easier to walk n swing. I can’t wait for him to start coming up with his adjustments to my leg so it will be easier to play the game – not easier, but you know what i mean. If the ankle holds up, we will start playing together where

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he will be able to see what parts need tinkering and adjusting.

I hope this blog makes sense and I’m sorry it’s humorless, but I’m just really serious about what happened today. All the names that you have all sent in have been great – not sure yet which name i’m using for my new boy, but will keep you posted.

On a soupy corny note, I want to say thanks for all your support and please keep the responses coming in, cause i cant tell you how many days i still have that are just awful.

Be good and swing hard,

17 Responses to “KG’s Blog Post #16 – 9/14/09 9:03pm”

  1. Rich Sz says:

    Wishing you the very best. Stay STRONG

  2. Ralph Jognston says:

    I, like most others, was horrified to read of your accident. I can only remember the good times we had at the Breakers, when we would visit David L. The days playing sunup til sundown, the enthusiasm you showed daily for the “game of a lifetime”, and the patience you showed when paired with Jerry, Mitchie, or me. Our road trips to Adios, or TPC, and the games we played off the patio at the breakers when rain wouldn’t allow us on the course. I treasure those memories.
    I’m retired now, living in Ormond Beach, and I’m following your recovery avidly. Somehow I know you’ll be back out there, as good as before, different, but as good as.
    You are in my prayers, and thoughts -
    Ralph (one of the Virginia boys – easy money)

  3. Rick Scott says:


    I have always been a fan, now doubly so. My prayers and best wishes are with you. If you need a mission or inspiration, perhaps the Wounded Warrior program at the American Lake Veteran’s Golf Course in Tacoma, Washington will provide that inspiration. Please check the following links:



    I am always inspired by the gracious tenacity of our wounded Vets as they use golf for rehabilitation.

    Perhaps your story and return to the golfing world will help inspire them.

    I look forward to your next score report!

    Rick Scott, 27 year Army Veteran

  4. Steve K. says:

    Hi Ken,
    It’s good to see you getting your swing back. I’m a disabled vet who wears full knee braces. I’m self taught and in 5 yrs. have dropped 20-30 strokes. I’m still a 40+ handicap I think, and I find it to be very refreshing. So,if you’re ever in the orlando area, I am available for a relaxing game.
    God bless you for a speedy recovery and hope to see you back in the field.

    Take care and God Bless
    Steve K.

  5. Mitch says:

    Hey what’s wrong with a 120yd 8 iron? Sometimes that’s my drive. :) Go Kenny!!!

  6. donkey says:

    ernie can play you if they make a second version for Espn deportes

  7. Lindsay says:

    Glad to hear your playing!! :)
    Hopefully i will see you next week!! :) 8)
    ~Lindsay <3333 :) 8-)

  8. Macelbee says:

    Dream on Vee, an 8 iron 135, I think Green at 120 might slip it by you.

  9. Mex says:


    Sounds great – I agree with Vee – 120 yard – 8 iron – sounds good to these old bones… I have one question – who is going to play YOU in the movie that Hollywood is going to put out detailing your comeback? Can they find the right bad ass with a golf swing?

    Take care and keep pluggin.


  10. Hello Kenny.
    Stop whining about 120 yard 8 irons, that’s been my best for 20 years! It’s great to see you fighting back, but I expected nothing less from you. Keep it up my friend.

  11. vee says:

    Its incredible you are swinging so soon. Wont be long before that 39 turns into 34….Get it right Package, I hit 8 iron 135. :-) And was happy about it this past weekend. 64-66 with the ” Husky One “. Winners! Take that Mcalree.

  12. package says:

    Welcome to Vee Ramey’s world of golf..Im not sure if he can hit an 8-iron 120 yards…glad to hear you are swinging..see you on the 28th…send pics.


  13. Gary Perkinson says:

    LOL…can’t believe you went out and played. But hey: “From tiny acorns grow mighty oaks”…or whatever that saying is. I’m gonna go out on a limb here (that’s a tree limb, not a leg): Within a year, you’ll shoot par on a Champions Tour setup. That’s your homework. Now go to it!

  14. Norman Puffett says:

    I love the fact that you are making progress. I very much regret the pain. I can only imagine how frustrated and angry you must be right now. It is not possible to predict how much, how soon, or how well. You know that. All you can do is keep on keeping on every day. Most success in life is just showing up every day.You have a higher standard now since showing up ain’t enough. For you, extra effort, extra everything is what is required. We will each of us support you in all of the ways that we can. You deserve our support, our frienship and whatever we can do to help. My only request is that as your short game rounds into shape, you take five minutes to show me how to hit a five iron down Main Street in Danbury.

  15. Frank Fonda says:

    Hello Ken,

    Glad to hear that you got to play a few holes!! Stay strong and keep moving forward. I hope the Doc finds the spot and alleviates the pain quickly.

    All the best

    Frank Fonda

  16. Scott Richardson says:


    Ark showed me the pictures. Still got that sweet swing.

    Keep it up. You are an inspiration to those who know you, as well as to those who don’t.

  17. Tom Batewell (Fort Mill, SC) says:

    Sounds encouraging Ken!

    I am going to stop complaining when I wake up with a sore back compared to the pain you are going through! I wish I could shoot 6 over from the reds….for the first time out that sounds pretty damn good to me. As you become more comfortable with teh leg and as you say when Stan can tweak it to meet your needs it will get better. You will gain more confidence as times go on.

    Thanks for the post, the positive news is inspiring!

    Tom in Fort Mill, SC

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